Wave Ski

You won’t find a better hand-made fiberglass waveskis then a Wavemaster brand!

Designed as an alternative to surfing a Waveski is a surf craft that you ride the waves on.
You use your body movements to turn whilst using a paddle and these handle a wave with ease.
We are the Central Coast distributor for Wavemaster Australia Waveski’s.
We also distribute these Waveskis around Australia through this online store.
Wavemaster Australia have been manufacturing Waveskis & waveski equipment since 1979 and are a well regarded brand Worldwide. Products range from custom shaped and moulded waveski’s, racing and paddling skis.
WaveMaster Australia’s aim is to be a creative, market-driven, one that features the most innovative waveski designs. With cutting edge waveski designs and attention to advanced waveski construction & quality control ensures our surfski customers knowingly surf the ultimate waveski.

We stock many of Wavemaster Waveskis but can order custom designs and sizes with a very fast turnaround!!