Sea Kayaks

A sea kayak is built for longer distance paddling where you are paddling for extended periods of time, whether a few hours or overnight.
This style has a sleek long length which allows for a smoother paddle and you will get from A to B in record time. The shape of the bow allows the kayak to slice through the chop in the ocean and handle the swell with ease. They also have a rocker which makes it easier to turn in rough conditions.
These can be used on flat water, in lakes or rivers as well as ocean conditions for any touring expedition. Usually a sea kayak is over 4.4 metres, have bulkheads for plenty of storage and come with a rudder so you can control the direction of your kayak in strong currants and windy conditions.

We have various styles of Sea Kayaks including:

Single Sea Kayak

We can not under estimate the performance of a sea or touring kayak when comparing most other styles on the market. Put simply these kayaks are built for speed and touring, suitable for cruising around your local lake or river, as well as handling rough water over longer distance. The hull of a sea kayak is designed to slice through the water for those open ocean conditions, with the added dry storage not only giving space for those overnight expeditions but allowing for the kayak to float even if the kayak fills with water.
Our R50 Kayak is by far our fastest paddler and many of our customers have ventured down the Murray River, as well as doing the Hawkesbury challenge on this kayak. We definitely have rave reviews for this single sea kayak, not to mention the shorter R45 kayak which suits those after a shorter length that still tracks well and excels in the water. Weekend Warrior may not have the biggest range but our range is definitely tried and tested over and over with excellent results at affordable prices.

Double Sea Kayaks

A double sea kayak is designed to travel over a longer distance at speed, essentially made for a tandem tour or an overnight expedition.
The Double Sea Kayak is a great choice for couples who want to venture out for a days paddling or overnight. We have had great feedback suggesting a small child is perfect in the front when an adult is paddling from the rear seat.
Like everything there are disadvantages. A double kayak is usually over 5 metres in length, so storage and transport can be an issue.
Our double kayak is ideal for two to tour in comfort or can also be used for the solo traveller. This is achieved as the rear seat is more centred to facilitate effortless,unaccompianed journeys.


PROS: Perform much faster than a recreational kayak, sealed hatches and bulkhead enhance safety, ability to store gear in the front and rear rubber sealed hatches
CONS: Smaller cockpits that can feel limited for space, more expensive than a recreational kayak