Sit on Fishing Kayak

A sit on top (also known as SOTs) fishing kayak has a molded depression on top for sitting and a sealed hull. It is much easier to get in and off a SOT and often considered more comfortable as you can move around freely. These are often a wider design which makes them very stable but slower to paddle.

A fishing kayak needs to allow easy access to gear and if you also get into the water and wade than extra considerations need to be looked at. A sit on top kayak is very popular for anglers, with easy access to all the fishing gear and bait these kayaks are very user friendly. Although you are more likely to get wet in this design especially in windy conditions.

If you are a larger paddler a SOT can be more comfortable, long legs and large body parts can feel restricted in sit in kayaks. But we have to mention one major benefit is that if you happen to flip the kayak, it is so much easier to flip it back over. Due to the open deck you have less chance of being trapped if your yak flips. So you will not need to practice your Eskimo rolls.

After all it’s not how big your boat is, its how big your catch is. Have fun fishing on these great kayaks!