Double Sea Kayak

A double sea kayak is designed to travel over a longer distance at speed, essentially made for a tandem tour or an overnight expedition.
The Double Sea Kayak is a great choice for couples who want to venture out for a days paddling or overnight. But equally as versatile for families as these can be paddled solo or tandem. These can be paddled easily by 1, so we sell a lot to families with a strong kayaker (parent) in the rear cockpit, the occupant (child or partner) in the front will essentially not have to do much. We have had great feedback suggesting a small child is perfect in the front when an adult is paddling from the rear seat.
Like everything there are disadvantages. A double kayak is usually over 5 metres in length, so storage and transport can be an issue.
Our double hug kayak is ideal for two to tour in comfort or can also be used for the solo traveller. This is achieved as the rear seat is more centred to facilitate effortless,unaccompianed journeys.