Kayak Seats and Paddles

A Kayak Seat and a Kayak Paddle are two essential kayaking accessories.

Kayak Seat

The right kayak seat can make paddling a much nicer experience. Having a good seat can be the key to sitting comfortably for hours fishing or paddling on the lake.
Most recreational kayaks come fitted with the D-ring attachment where you can just clip on a seat.
We realise that every person is different and a great seat can be adjusted to suit each person’s height and weight by simply changing the length of the adjustable strap.

Kayak Paddle

Our kayak paddle range is suited for the beginner recreational paddler for short trips, whether with family or fishing.
Our kayak paddle is a 2 piece construction so can be joined to paddle straight or offset, also the blade is plastic injection molded with a aluminium shaft which is very user friendly.
These are not the fastest paddle on the market or the lightest, but suited to our recreational kayak range due to the durability and affordable price.