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Safety requirements of using a Kayak, Paddle board and Water Vessel

When using any water vessel it is important to follow some basic safety information as follows: 

  • Always use an approved life jacket when on the water and ensure that all equipment is in good working order
  • Check the weather conditions before you go out. Be aware of water temperature and prepare for changes in weather conditions
  • Beware of off shore winds that can make for difficult conditions to return to shore
  • Let someone know where you are going, where you are leaving from and when you are planning to return
  • If your vessel capsizes then make sure you stay with it. A vessel can be spotted more easily than a person on the water
  • Suitable clothing is important for the conditions. Ensure that your outer layer of clothing is watertight
  • Make sure you are visible to other boaters as your vessel sits low on the water
  • To avoid losing your paddle attach it to your vessel
  • Never consume any alcohol whilst using a kayak, paddleboard or water vessel
  • Always use your common sense at all times and follow safety regulations
  • Learn proper paddling techniques from a qualified instructor, basic first aid and water safety
  • Always carry plenty of food and water to keep hydrated
  • Paddling can be dangerous in the ocean and rivers so always wear a helmet
  • Kayak Fishing can be a dangerous sport and can result in injury or death
  • These types of products may be dangerous if used improperly or in dangerous conditions, even when safety gear is worn
  • Safety should always be your first priority
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