Rudder Fishing Kayak

The main purpose of a fishing kayak with a rudder is for “tracking” the kayak, which essentially means to keep the boat moving in a straight line. The other main function is they aid in turning the kayak, they will turn to the side the rudder is on which is controlled by the paddler pushing foot levers in the cockpit. A rudder is attached to the stern of the kayak and deployed when needed to tackle the elements.

We install rudders on our longer styles of fishing kayaks, with these styles they have a longer hull length which makes them difficult to turn and are used more often in offshore conditions. The rudder enhances a paddlers ability to paddle straight, as well as aids in turning the kayak as required especially in strong winds and currents.

Our Leisure Fishing Kayak is a great example of a Kayak with a rudder and is one of our best selling kayaks.