Stand Up Paddle Boards

Stand up paddle boards (SUP’s) contribute to an enjoyable and calming experience on the water. Paddle boarding is an effective workout activity that is sure to have you fit in no time at all and is welcoming to the young and old. You can do it alone or with family and friends. A Stand up Paddle Board is much longer and wider than a surfboard which enables it to be buoyant and easily balance and propel your body using the paddle. You need minimal gear to get started on the Hawaiian experience that is a growing sport.

The following equipment for stand up paddle boarding is important:

CMP Boards Australia designs and makes high quality stand-up paddle boards that are customised for the Australian environment. Weekend Warriors at Erina are in charge of the distribution of these paddle boards for sale. CMP offers paddle boards for both amateurs and experienced users. The great artistry employed in making the boards is worth checking out. The boards are available at our showroom at Erina. We offer a range of paddle boards for sale and this assures you of getting something that matches your taste and need.

Excellent Paddle Board Design

When choosing a paddle board look for stability in a design. Our SUP range is a dependable make that consistently performs in a range of conditions. They are light-weight, durable and glide through water smoothly. The rider can also move forward or back because the board remains very steady. You get to change direction while paddling with little effort, with the rocker and the rail volume helping to maximise glide and flow on flat water.

We update our designs with modern features and accommodate all gender groups with our designs.

Our collection of stand up paddle boards

All Rounder

These are multipurpose boards that are popular amongst our customers. They are designed for flat paddling on oceans, lakes and rivers. They also excel in small to medium waves and are perfect for families. Their length varies from 10 feet to 11 feet, four inches. View our range of All Rounder Paddle Board Packages.

Waves Boards

They are designed for skilled riders who enjoy big waves. They are powerful and perform well with all waves. The length of these boards is nine feet, two inches to nine feet 10 inches.

Down-winder Race Board

These boards are designed for speed and long distance paddling. They are unlimited for the ocean settings and give an exceptional experience to those desiring a long, fast glide. They are 12 feet, six inches long.

Why buy a CMP board brand?

CMP Boards Australia has vast experience in designing and producing quality stand up paddle board varieties. This is our specialty, and we have existed in the market since 2008. Our designs are customised for all Australian surfing.
We also have an efficient distributor called Weekend Warrior located at Erina and our boards are available in all parts of Australia.

View our range of stand up paddle boards

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