Kayaks for Sale

For 10 years, Kayaks have been our focus and as an owner operator we are passionate about the products we sell. Yes our range is not the largest you will find, our focus is on quality not quantity.

There are three main types of kayaks – recreational kayaks, touring kayaks and fishing kayaks.

Fishing Kayaks

Fishing Kayaks are becoming increasingly popular in Australia and many Australians are ditching the boat to make way for a kayak which is purpose built for the angler. The Weekend Warrior range includes the entry level all-rounder snapper kayak ideal to occasionally throw a line in, to the great white kayak with a full rudder steering system with ample storage for the catch. Our pedal powered kayak is also a great fishing kayak if you want the ability to use hands free when kayak fishing.

Fishing kayaks are designed with built in rod holders, hatches, bucket wells and anchor points to keep you on the water for hours. The most important element of a fishing kayak is stability and comfort. You need to be able to stand in a kayak and cast the rod, as well as ample space for all the fishing gear.

If you are a serious angler it is vital you consider a kayak with a rudder system, this keeps your kayak running straight and you can orient the boat to any angle and chase those fish. A rudder is vital in ocean conditions so you can steer your kayak in strong currents and offshore winds.

Recreational Kayaks

A recreational kayak is perfect as a beginner’s entry level kayak designed for flat paddling and family fun. These are ideal for calm waters and for the casual paddler as they are easy to use, very affordable and manoeuvrable due to the short length.
These are available in single or double, sit-on-top and sit-in styles. Perfect for novices for the lake or river and great for a short day trip. Keeping in mind they are not the fastest kayak to paddle but all about having fun. Not so good in windy conditions or currents, so choose your conditions if taking them in the ocean or open water. The width of this style usually is 70-90cm which make them very stable and perfect for those shorter day trips.

We have various styles of recreational kayaks including

  • Tandem Kayak
  • Single Sit in Kayak
  • Sit on Top Kayak
  • Surf Kayak – Known as Waveski

Touring Kayak

A sea kayak or touring kayak are typically longer than recreational kayaks by a couple of feet. Developed for open waters and ocean paddling with the ability to paddle over many days or weeks. They have the room to accommodate food, water and camping gear in the enclosed sealed bulkheads to keep them dry for long journeys.

Due to the longer length of this style they are fast on the water and this is perfect for longer distance cruising. They are not as manoeuvrable as recreational kayaks but designed for straight line paddling at speed.

We have reduced our fleet of sea kayaks to our 5 metre Rapid Kayak as this is unbeatable in performance and affordability.

If one of our Kayaks appeals to you and you need delivery we have great rates available. We deliver weekly to your door in NSW, Queensland, Victoria and the ACT. We welcome anyone visit our Central Coast kayak warehouse and for those in Newcastle and Sydney we delivery frequently to your area. Order Online for quick delivery.