SUP Boards

Huge Sale Prices on SUP Boards.

We realise that selecting the right SUP can be difficult, especially trying to navigate through the vast choices. At Weekend Warrior we have designed our boards to suit all skill levels, with a real focus on performance and quality production techniques.

When looking for a stand up paddleboard that is able to perform well when flat paddling and in surf conditions, our all-rounder model is a great option. Very manoeuvrable with great glide, these boards have a combination of width and thickness that offers great stability. These versatile paddleboards are perfect for beginners to glide through the flat water or more advanced riders heading out to surf the waves.

The real difference and key component that separate our boards on the Australian market is the manufacturing technique of ACT moulding which produces a paddle board 30% stronger and 2 kg lighter than hand shaped boards. This is significant in terms of a high quality board at an affordable price level.

We are very proud to have been in the paddle boarding industry for over 10 years and look forward to getting thousands more enthusiasts on the water.