A CMP Board is all about getting out on the water to enjoy the waves. Surfboards come in a array of styles and shapes, each with something for every skill level, CMP Boards Australia offer a distinct range of boards that fall into 3 styles:

Soft Top Surfboards

Known also as a foam surfboard, for the beginner to have some fun and learn some skills. If a surf school sent you our details yes these are the boards you have been learning on. Commercial quality softboards built with quality components. We offer a wholesale rate direct to the public from the CMP Board warehouse. We have been selling these boards for over 10 years!

Mini Mal

If you are chasing an All Rounder mid-length board the Mini Mal range is all about fun and versatility. Ideal for most conditions and as the name suggests a length between a longboard and shortboard.

Longboard Surfboard

If you are after a more relaxed ride the traditional Log Longboard is ideal for those smaller waves and a great beginner board that is wide and stable. Or if you want more performance to take on some tricks you might like a performance longboard.

CMP offer a beautiful range of boards at our factory direct prices, as well as many surfboard accessories including surfboard racks. Yes we sell direct from our warehouse at Ulladulla South Coast NSW. Start Enjoying the waves today on one of our CMP Boards!