Explore the unrestricted experience and delight of kayaking. Also, realise unexplored waters at a river or ocean near you with the assurance that can only come from Weekend Warrior Kayaks. We offer top quality kayaks for sale and other watercraft. If you have already purchased your kayak and it is time to accessorise, we can equip you with the right kit whether that be a kayak trolley or kayak carrier pack to allow you to easily transport your kayak on your vehicle.

The Difference between a Sit in Kayak and Sit on Top Kayak

Sit-in Kayaks are very similar to canoes where you climb into a cockpit, which sits you at or below the waterline, and the frame of the kayak partially covers your legs. If water gets into this style of kayak it will sink lower in the water.

With a sit on top kayak you are positioned above the water’s surface and on top of the kayak. This is the most popular design of kayak amongst beginner paddles and a popular fishing style. This design is completely sealed and has drainage holes to allow water to flow out.

The Types of Kayaks for Sale

You are catered for when it comes to kayaks selection. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or a certified specialist; we have a kayak for you. They come in a spectrum of colours that are likeable to male and female. We specialise in three styles of kayaks:

  • Recreational Kayak
  • Touring Kayak
  • Fishing Kayak

We encourage you to have a look at our Kayaks for Sale page where we have more in-depth information on our range. We might not have the largest kayak range but offer to you a quality selection. We have been selling these exact kayaks for over 10 years from our Central Coast kayak warehouse and are all backed with a 3 year warranty. We are owner operated and welcome you to visit our shop or contact our expert Chad for any advice on kayak selection. Browse Our Kayak Range