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Carbon Fibre SUP Paddle offers incredible execution.

A Carbon Fibre paddle is strong, lightweight and offers an abundance of performance and with power and smooth operation, this will offer less stress on your arms and shoulders.

Please note: All Paddleboards purchased with Weekend Warrior including the CMP SUP Board range and Funky SUP’s come with a Free Aluminium Paddle. If you would like to purchase a Carbon Paddle you should do so on the product page as an upgrade as it is cheaper when buying with a board.

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SUP Paddle Designed for Performance.

Let’s say although you think all carbon fibre paddles look the same, the quality of carbon fibre paddles is not equal. Our Adjustable Carbon 85 sq/in “Elite” Paddle is 100% Carbon and weighs as little as 500 g. Yes, 100% Carbon shaped high-density core blade and 100% Carbon shaft. A genuine carbon performance paddle

Specifications and Features

  • Blade – The shape and size of a blade are what gives it power through the water. This Elite Paddle provides a classic teardrop-shaped blade with a perfect balance of volume which allows power from the very start. Minimal drag is offered due to the flat tip shape and subtle concave, which is all about maximising power and maintaining minimal drag. 3K Carbon Blade with Matte Finish.
  • Shaft – The shaft is adjustable with a height that can vary between 1.74m to 2.27m length. Being constructed of 100% Carbon, and with a matt finish, this offers plenty of stiffness. Manufactured from 3K Full Carbon Fibre Shaft with Reinforced Latch Locks.
  • Handle – Moulded Carbon handle offers a great shape with palm grip allowing you comfort.
  • Lightweight – Being 100% Carbon Material is around the 500 grams.

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