Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

Equipment for stand-up paddle boarding

 Stand-up Paddle Boarding 

CMP Boards Australia designs and manufactures high-quality stand-up paddleboards that are customized for the Australian environment. CMP offers paddle boards for both amateurs and experienced users and the great artistry employed in making the boards is worth checking out. The second most important element of any paddleboard purchase is the paddle and determining what level of power and efficiency you require is dependent on what style of paddle boarding you are doing.


 The 3 most important pieces of equipment for stand-up paddle boarding: 

 Selecting the Right SUP Paddle 

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Getting the right SUP Paddle can be technical if you want it to be, but we will help you here on some fundamental elements. A plastic blade aluminium paddle is a great beginners choice, and for those going for the occasional paddle. These paddles do flex at the blade, which is why you lose power with each stroke and are the heaviest paddle option. Keeping in mind though these have benefits too and serve as an excellent paddle selection for families and hire businesses where they are more robust and can take some knocking around.
A Carbon Fibre paddle is strong, lightweight and offers an abundance of performance and with power and smooth operation, this will offer less stress on your arms and shoulders. If you want maximum power through the water than you need to consider purchasing a quality paddle.

 What makes a CMP Carbon Paddle Superior Quality? 

Let’s say although you think all carbon fibre paddles look the same, the quality of carbon fibre paddles is not equal.
Our Adjustable Carbon 85 sq/in “Elite” Paddle is 100% Carbon and weighs as little as 500 grams. Yes, 100% Carbon shaped high-density core blade and 100% Carbon shaft. A genuine carbon performance paddle. There are many carbon paddles on the market, but some are simply rubbish or called carbon with a minimal amount of carbon in the paddle.

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 What are the CMP Carbon Paddle Components: 

The shape and size of a blade are what gives it power through the water. This Elite Paddle provides a classic teardrop-shaped blade with a perfect balance of volume which allows power from the very start. Minimal drag is offered due to the flat tip shape and subtle concave, which is all about maximising power and maintaining minimal drag. Manufactured from 3K Full Carbon Blade with Matte Finish.
The shaft is adjustable with a height that can vary between 1.74 to 2.27 metres in length. Being constructed of 100% Carbon, and with a matt finish, this offers plenty of stiffness. Manufactured from 3K Full Carbon Fibre Shaft with Reinforced Latch Locks.
Moulded Carbon handle offers a great shape with palm grip allowing you comfort.

We do encourage you to upgrade to this type of paddle and offer a special upgrade price when purchasing one of our stand up paddleboards. This type of quality carbon paddle retails for over $350 dollars, and we offer this for $100 to encourage the best paddle performance possible.

 Selecting the Right Paddle Board 

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When choosing a paddleboard look for stability in a design, especially if you are new to stand-up paddle boarding. An all rounder board is the most popular design and for good reason, it is a dependable SUP model that consistently performs in a range of conditions. We would recommend a board of around 32 inches for both glide through the water and stability. A board too wide can be hard to paddle and one that is to narrow can be unstable. The most important elements to consider in a SUP board are the weight, durability and style.

 Collection of Stand up Paddle Boards 

CMP Boards concentrate on all rounder SUP boards which are multipurpose boards that are popular amongst our customers. They are designed for flat paddling on oceans, lakes and rivers. They also excel in small to medium waves and are perfect for families. Their length varies from 10 feet to 11 feet, four inches. These come in a variety of models including Soft Top SUP, Thermo Paddleboard, Epoxy Paddle Boards and Inflatable SUP.

 Why buy a CMP board brand? 

CMP Boards Australia offer a range of light-weight, durable and SUP boards that glide through the water smoothly. We update our designs with modern features and accommodate all gender groups with our designs. CMP Boards Australia has vast experience in designing and producing quality stand up paddle board varieties and have been manufacturing these for over ten years. Yes they are a Stand up paddle Board specialist, and we have existed in the market since 2008. All designs are customized for all Australian surfing conditions.

 Selecting the Right Paddle Board Leash 

Let us begin by explaining why a paddle leash is important. Simple – if you are without the legrope than the board can easily become separated from you when you fall off. When you fall off more often than not, the board propels away from you and even in the slightest of winds can be blown away quicker than you can swim.

What are the benefits of a straight legrope over a coiled style?

Straight Legrope – By far the most common style of legrope for a stand up paddle board and the safest option for any rider. This style is the only safe option when in surf conditions as you avoid the recoil of injuries from whiplash. The length of the leash should be longer then the paddleboard.

Coiled Legrope – These style of leashes tend to twist and tangle (telephone cord style) and are harder to maintain over a straight leash. The main benefit of this style is the shorter length not dangling in the water.Cmp Sup Leash

Weekend Warriors Outdoors at Berkeley Vale is in charge of the distribution of CMP paddle boards and these are delivered Australia Wide. We offer a range of paddle boards for sale and this assures you of getting something that matches your taste and needs. We have give you the three essential equipment items, but other people regard Life jackets and Sunscreen as important equipment.

 Keep in mind that all CMP Boards come packaged with a Paddle and Leash if you are purchasing a paddle board through Weekend Warrior Outdoors. View our range of SUP Paddle Board Packages. 

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