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Our Sea Kayak is designed as a performance touring kayak built for speed over longer distance, whether that be for a few hours or overnight. The design team focused on balancing the streamlined hull with paddling dynamics.

The R50 is a speed demon and this kayak will get you from A to B in record time. If speed is your primary requirement, then the R50 is the sea tourer for you. The shape of the bow allows the kayak to slice through the chop in the ocean and handle the swell with ease. The hull is designed for those open ocean conditions.

This kayak also performs well in lakes and rivers and offers a high level of agility. Many of our customers have ventured down the Murray River on this kayak, so it has the ability to last over long distances.

This Weekend Warrior Sea Kayak is the most affordable quality touring kayak in Australia with 5 star reviews to match.

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Sea Kayak for Sale is our 5.02 metre kayak.

Perfect as a touring kayak and those after a kayak for longer distance paddling.

Key Features

  • Large Signature Cockpit for Those Taller or larger paddlers or for those kayakers after a spacious cockpit. Most sea kayaks on the market have very low cockpits and these can feel very restrictive.
  • Touring Kayak All about Performance and longer distance paddling. With loads of water-tight storage in the rubber hatches this is perfect for overnight expeditions.
  • Pre-Installed Knee Braces for additional support and to add comfort for those longer distance paddles.
  • Streamlined Sleek Aqua-Dynamic Design makes it powerful through the water. The length gives it speed to slice through the choppy conditions and it has sensational tracking ability due to the controlled rocker.
  • Engineered by the Famous Swedish Kayaker Bjorn Thomasson. The shape of a sea kayak is especially important due to the large distances they cover and the shape is vital in those choppy and relentless currents. Bjorn designed this expedition kayak with a V-shaped hull and hard chine which ensures it cuts though those rough conditions.

Design and Construction

  • Quality Assurance- All our kayaks are manufactured using polyethylene plastic which is an abrasion-resistant and durable material needed in the production of long lasting UV protected kayaks. We offer the highest quality build and ensure with a superior quality control. How do we achieve this? Every kayak has a minimum 3.5mm thickness on the hull & wall.
    To ensure quality control each kayak is drop tested to make sure that the polyethylene has bonded properly through the moulding process. After moulding every kayak is water tested to ensure perfect seals
  • UV Stabilised- Rotomoulded UV stabilised polyethylene manufactured for our harsh Australian climate. All plastics are not the same (many cheap kayaks are made from recycled plastic which is brittle and lasts only a few years). We pride ourselves on the highest quality and material we use is virtually indestructible. Our quality is simply un-matched for the price and with a UV7 stabiliser components these create durability and offer the extra assurance that your kayak has no air bubbles and won’t become brittle anytime soon. Yes 7 Full years in the sun!

What is included

  • 1 x R50 Sea Kayak
  • 1 x Lightweight Paddle
  • 1 x In-Built Comfortable Seat with Soft Cushion
  • 1 x Rudder System with Foot Controlled Operation
  • 2 x Pre-Installed Knee Braces
  • 1 x Neoprene Skirt
  • 1 x Deck Rigging and Perimeter Lines Pre-installed
  • 2 x Large Vulcanised Rubber Storage Hatches and Extra Mesh Storage Bag

Recommended Accessories

Additional Information

  • We are a Bricks and Mortar Kayak Store – Buy from a reputable kayak store with a proven history. Come and View our range in our store.
  • Another perspective on purchasing your First Sea Kayak.
  • NSW Sea Kayak Club runs some fantastic trips for those wanting that little but extra enjoyment with others.



Cockpit Size
Kayak Weight
Maximum Weight Capacity


Sea Kayak R50

(For Ultimate stability)

Kayak Hull– 3 Years

Parts– 12 Months

UV7 Rotomolded Polyethylene

UV7 = 7 years in full sun

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