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Fishing Kayak for Sale



If you are looking for a fishing kayak built for the all-day fisherman that has both speed and comfort, our best selling model is exactly what you need. Many customers purchase this as a fast recreational kayak (not just for fishing). It’s performance goes beyond words. What we can put into words are those of our satisfied customers, many who have nothing but positive reviews on the performance. More than its acclaimed performance, this leisure kayak exudes its beauty by being a super-fast sit-on-top design.

Not many fishing kayaks can paddle almost as fast as a sea kayak, but this leisure kayak can paddle very fast. What makes this possible is its sleek design and length, enabling it to glide through the water with ease.

These are not the only features that make this leisure kayak a great seller. Included are trawling rod holders, the midsection rotating fishing rod holder, and the built-in, premium foot-controlled rudder system. Anyone who is serious about fishing will need this type of rudder system in pursuit of their prey. It is even more important if you are considering a long adventure because the rudder system is controlled by your feet and allows you to steer the kayak in windy conditions and strong currents. Both these functions are very difficult to do in a rudderless kayak.

Have you ever considered going spear fishing out into the ocean? More than a few customers choose this kayak because of its low profile, making it very stable and easy to board from the water.

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Fishing Kayak for Sale – 3.8 Metre Leisure Pro

Fishing Kayak For SaleKey Features

  • Low Profile and Sleek Design creating a smooth, speedy and sustained glide which is rarely achieved in a sit-on top fishing kayak for sale.
  • Engineered for all Water Environments is this sit-on top kayak whether you are offshore fishing or cruising on the lake with friends. This versatility is why this kayak is so popular, not just for anglers but for paddlers wanting a fast sleek kayak for easy paddling.
  • Centre Mounting Console with Hatch which is a dual purpose centre console for Bait, Bottle Holder & Fishing Rod Holders with a fish measuring ruler. This is fitted in reach of your seat in the centre hatch.
  • Kitted out of the All-Day Angler Five fishing rod setup positions which includes one external fishing rod mounts and four trawling rod holders.
  • Combination of 77 cm width and Deep Groove hull create the ultimate stability. Not to mention the confidence to move around with this refined hull allowing efficiency on the water. This aqua dynamic shape keeps the kayak tracking straight.

Fishing Kayak for Sale Design and Construction

  • Quality Assurance- All our kayaks are manufactured using polyethylene plastic which is an abrasion-resistant and durable material needed in the production of long lasting UV protected kayaks. We offer the highest quality build and ensure with a superior quality control. How do we achieve this? Every kayak has a minimum 3.5 mm thickness on the hull & wall.
    To ensure quality control each kayak is drop tested to make sure that the polyethylene has bonded properly through the moulding process. After moulding every kayak is water tested to ensure perfect seals
  • UV Stabilized- Roto-moulded UV stabilized polyethylene manufactured for our harsh Australian climate. All plastics are not the same (many cheap kayaks are made from recycled plastic which is brittle and lasts only a few years). We pride ourselves on the highest quality and material we use is virtually indestructible. Our quality is simply un-matched for the price and with a UV7 stabilize components these create durability and offer the extra assurance that your kayak has no air bubbles and won’t become brittle anytime soon. Yes 7 Full years in the sun!

What is included in this Fishing Kayak for Sale

  • 1 x Lightweight Paddle
  • 1 x Deluxe Kayak Seat
  • 1 x Rudder System with Foot Controlled Operation
  • 2 x Side and Rear Heavy Duty Carry Handles with Paddle-Saver
  • 4 x Built in Trolling Rod holders with Rubber Covers
  • 1 x 360 Degree Adjustable Rod Holder (2 Additional Insert Locations)
  • 10 x Scupper Plugs for Drainage Holes
  • 1 x In-Built Drink Holder
  • Kayaks come bubble wrapped, with a plastic sheet to protect it during transportation.

Recommended Accessories

Additional Information


Kayak Weight
Maximum Weight Capacity
Leisure Pro
380 cm
77 cm
34 cm

31 kg

150 kg

(For Ultimate stability)

Kayak Hull– 3 Years

Parts– 12 Months

UV7 Rotomolded Polyethylene

UV7 = 7 years in full sun

Colour – Sand/Black

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