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Sit in Kayak Ulani 3 mtr Blue/White

$1,149.00 $425.00

This single sit in kayak is built with comfort in mind not speed. A well priced sit in kayak, it is a lot of fun with its compact short length and is the ideal option for short trips in the lake or river.

A sit in kayak is a similar hull shape to a sit on top kayak, however instead of sitting on top you sit in with your legs fully covered. This style of kayak is more comfortable to paddle and this kayak has the adjustable foot rests so you can suit a range of heights of paddlers simply by adjusting the foot rest position. This also carry’s a larger weight at 150kg so suits a larger paddler, when compared to a sit on top design in the same length. An easy kayak to transport being light weight and manageable at 22kg.

Product Description


  • 1 x Ulani Sit in Kayak RRP $850
  • 1 x Light sports two piece paddle RRP $120
  • 1 x Deluxe padded kayak seat RRP $110
  • 2 x Free flush mounted rod holder RRP $50


  • VERY STABLE: At 80 cm wide this provides stability and you can also stand up in this kayak with ease
  • PROFILE: A sit in style kayak is a more comfortable option then a sit on top style. Your legs are in the kayak and fully covered
  • WEIGHT: This Kayak holds paddler’s up to 130kg safely, so suits a larger weight range when compared with the same length in a sit on top design
  • MANAGEABLE: Just 22kg in weight these can be handled by just 1 person. Carry handles at the front, centre and rear are helpful
  • PRODUCTION: Moulded from UV stabilised LDPE Polyethylene plastic. Plastic kayaks are very robust in nature
  • STORAGE: Large waterproof hatch at the front and a twist lock waterproof storage hatch at the rear


  • 1 Light Sports Paddle – 2 Piece aluminium paddle with drip handle, they can be adjusted to be straight or offset
  • Deluxe Padded Kayak Seat as pictured – This is so important for lower back support, they have a high back and loads of padding
  • Rod Holders – 2 free flush mounted fishing rod holders
  • Waterproof hatches – Large rubber waterproof hatches at the back and a wist lock hatch at front
  • Foot Rests – Adjustable footrests so you can change it to suit the paddlers height.
  • Carry handles – Front, rear and side carry handles to make it easy to carry
  • Deck Rigging – Deck rigging also at front of kayak for extra space if required
  • Drink Holder – 2 Inbuilt drink bottle holders

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Model Length Width Height Weight Safe Capacity
Ulani 300cm 80cm 34cm 22kg 130kg


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