How to Mount a Surfboard to your Car

How to Mount a Surfboard to your Car

You’re ready to tackle the waves with your first surfboard. The cooler is packed, along with your wetsuit. Now the only thing left to do is mount the surfboard to your car. This is easy when you know what you are doing.

When you have plenty of roof space, getting the surfboard securely mounted to the vehicle takes little effort. It’s not something you want to do haphazardly. If your board falls off on your way to the beach it can be disastrous. Not only can it damage the surfboard, but also others on the road.

 To prevent accidents, injuries, and board damage, here is a step-by-step guide on how to mount your surfboard to your car. 

 Step-by-Step Guide 

If you haven’t had bars or a rack installed on your car’s roof, you might want to consider it. It will make transporting your surfboard to and from the beach easier.

 Step One: You Need Sturdy Straps 

Even with bars or a roof rack the board still needs to be tied down to the rails. Strong, sturdy straps wrapped over the board and fastened to the roof bars will hold it in place while you’re driving.

Another option is to use a board bag to secure the surfboard to the car’s roof. If you want to be sure that the board is secure, surfing professionals recommend using both straps and a bag, especially on long drives.

 Step Two: Lift the Surfboard Onto the Car Roof 

Windy days are prime surfing weather. You’re almost guaranteed to catch a big wave. Unfortunately, the wind is not a good thing when you’re trying to get a large surfboard on the car’s roof.

Don’t try to fling the surfboard on top of the roof. Instead, lay the board flat and slide it across the rails. Make sure that you know if the rails are vertical or horizontal. This will affect how the board lays.

Step One You Need Sturdy Straps
Step Two Lift the Surfboard Onto the Car Roof

 Step Three: Strap the Board Down 

Getting the surfboard on the car roof is the next step. Now, it’s time to properly secure the straps. After making sure the board is balanced, it’s time to tighten the straps.

Self-tightening straps are the easiest to use, such as ratchet style straps. You also want to place the straps so you can tighten them on the sides of the vehicle. It’s difficult trying to tighten them if you have to reach to the centre of the roof. You also need to strap down the board’s nose and tail.

 Step Four: Stay Alert 

Don’t presume your surfboard is securely strapped down and forget about it during the drive. During sudden stops and turns, the board can shift, becoming unstable. On long trips, pull over periodically to check the board’s position and tightness of the straps. They may need to be re-tightened, especially on rough rides.

Step Three Strap the Board Down (2)
Step Four Stay Alert
Step Four Stay Alert

 Enjoy the Water 

Whether it’s your surfboard or a small canoe, you can get your large items to the water safely and securely. Just make sure that the straps are tight and secure and you’ll be ready to enjoy a great day on the water.
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Enjoy the Water
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