Are Foam Surfboards Any Good

Are Foam Surfboards Any Good?

Soft Surboards go by many different names, including foam surfboards and ‘foamies’. Though it looks very simple in design and is often seen in surf schools for beginners, the humble ‘foamie’ is actually more than that.

Foam surfboards, or soft top boards can accommodate just about any surf enthusiast regardless of skill and level. They’re fun to use, and sometimes you’ll see a skilled surfer paddling out and using a foamie on the beach!

Foamies come in different makes and features. Here’s a quick primer on how they work.

What Features Should I Look For in a Foamie?

What Features Should I Look For in a Foamie

Many experts view the mini malibu softboard style as the standard in foam surfboards, but recently technology has added more in terms of performance, foam material and surfing experience.

Soft boards are typically made with a foam core of EPS, wrapped in ethylene vinyl acetate, or EVA which is the same one used in yoga mats. The end result is a lighter and more forgiving deck, and one that doesn’t require any waxing as it already has an anti-slip surface.

If you’re ready to give soft top boards a go, here are the ones we’d recommend.

What is the Best Foam Surfboard?

Foam surfboards can be the perfect companion for all surfing enthusiasts. They come in a variety of types, just like their hardboard counterparts.

Beginner surfers will do well with a bare-bones foamie. These are available with a budget that’s anywhere between low-end to mid and allow you to have a great time. The volume is sufficient enough that you can stay afloat, find your balance and glide along the water easily.

For those with more surfing experience who can’t decide what hard surfboard to get, they can try out soft top styles in fish, shortboard or step-up forms.

They’re somewhat a cross between foamies and regular hard surfboards and allow the rider to determine what type of surfboard they really want. There’s the single fin, twin fin or fish style foamie in varying lengths from 4’6 to 9 feet.

Once you’ve made a decision then you can choose the size, shape and color options to make the board truly yours.

What is the Best Foam Surfboard

What are the Most Common Soft Top Boards?

What are the Most Common Soft Top Boards

If you’ve seen a foamie being used on the beach then it’s most likely a mini malibu style. These softboards are about 6 to 8 feet in length and sport a rounded longboard shape. They’re common enough that you can see them in rental board shops and surfing lessons.

The mini malibu is a great option for beginners and is serviceable enough to be used by even skilled surfers. Get a rounded foam board of about 8 feet and you’ll be sure to learn the ropes much faster compared to other types.

It’s good to start with a common foamie, but then you’ll want to cater to what you want to get out of your surfing experience.

If you want to make a foamie yours then consider the quality, price and durability.

There’s quite a lot of softboards out there. The ones used in beginner lessons and rentals are the best as they’re good value for money.

CMP Boards Australia Boards have been selling to surf schools around Australia for over 10 years. It is vital to consider the construction techniques and what makes a softboard a “surf school commercial” quality board. These are usually vacuum sealed construction which ensures the longevity of a board. Please be aware that any heat laminated softboards last only a few weeks and are inferior quality in terms of performance and durability.

Five handy tips on investing in a foam surfboard might be useful information to help guide your decision.

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