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4 Best Stand Up Paddle Board for Families

Engaging in water-related activities is a fun and amazing way to enjoy the outdoors as well as appreciate nature and marine life, depending on the kind of activity that you choose to enjoy. If you love water sports, you would agree that Stand Up Paddleboarding(SUP) is one of the most enjoyable.

For families, stand up paddleboarding is an amazing way to enjoy some time away from the home environment. For children, it’s a fun way to get introduced to water sports while parents enjoy the benefits of being active without necessarily having to work out. SUP is, undoubtedly a fantastic way to spend your free time.

Of course, to enjoy your paddleboarding sessions as a family, you will have to find the best family or multi-person paddleboard. To make it easier for you to get the right board, we have made a list of four different paddleboards that are perfect for families who want to have some fun on the water. So here you go.

Rowdy Families the Hulk

 1. Best paddleboard for boisterous families: The Hulk 

If you have a family that is energetic and cheerful there is a high chance that you may want to be a little rough on the waters and tough on your paddleboard. Not to worry, “The Hulk” paddleboard is made to handle that and more! As a traditional epoxy paddleboard that features a nearly-indestructible outer layer of thermoformed polycarbonate as well as a shock-absorbing rail bumper, you can be sure that this paddleboard will handle serious abuse.

The paddle board’s deck has a thick and extremely durable layer of EVA traction that despite being tough enough for your pet’s paws is comfortable on bare skin. With a 32” width and a 10’6” length, you can be sure that this board is capable of handling a family of three with significant ease. The 4.5” thickness of the board guarantees a stable and dry ride adding to the comfort.

SUP For Sale

 2. Best paddleboard for families with kids: Inflatable 

The best paddleboard for families with young ones would be one that guarantees the safety and comfort of your kids. Such a board is the premium explorer paddleboard, which is a CMP inflatable paddleboard with a soft and luxurious make. The length of the traction pad allows children to be almost anywhere on the SUP Board and enhances your stability while riding making it easier to capture and share your experience.

With a 32” width and 6” height, you can be sure that the board is super buoyant and stable, guaranteeing a safe ride. Besides, this paddleboard is designed with safety and stability in mind, taking into consideration that it also doubles up as a yoga paddleboard.

Best Board For Families On A Budget Soft Top

 3. Most ideal paddleboard for families on a budget: Soft Top SUP 

You simply cannot go wrong with the Soft Top Stand Up Paddleboard, mainly because of its versatility. This board is a perfect choice for experts and beginners alike, making it the most versatile board of the four mentioned in this article. On top of that, it’s also a highly stable, lightweight, and extremely durable paddleboard.

At 32” wide and 10’6” long, there is more than enough space to bring your pets, kids, or significant other with you. Children can easily paddle this board on there own or plan that family paddle with the ability of the board to hold 120kg. The board is 4 3/4” thick, allowing for increased buoyancy and increased probability of a dry ride.

Families like to Do it all - Cruiser Epoxy

 4. Best paddleboard for the all-rounded family Performance: Cruiser 

This is a perfect board for the family that loves to use paddleboards for various water-related activities and is after a more performance orientated option. As a paddleboard made for versatility, you can use this board for SUP fishing, SUP surfing, SUP yoga, and more. This board is made using epoxy so it glides through the water quick and turns on waves with ease. Keeping in mind that they hold less volume then a soft top board when comparing the same size board.

The Cruiser range does come in a wide range of colours and styles including timber, bamboo and the like. The boards come in a range of sizes between 10 Foot to 11’4 so do suit families up to 120kg, allowing for great stability and enough room for a family.

SUP Features

 What features must you consider when buying a family SUP? 

Of course, there is more to buying stand up paddle boards than just getting recommendations and reading reviews. You ought to know how to shop for the best paddleboard for your family so that even if you didn’t find the ones recommended in this list, you will still find a board worth the money. So, the various factors that you ought to pay attention to when looking for a good family SUP:


Best Board For Families On A Budget Soft Top

Stability is critical to any water vessel to avoid capsizing. Whether it’s a massive cargo ship or a small surfboard, you have to distribute the weight equally for the best performance. That’s why you surfers use their bodies to create a weight balance so that they won’t fall.

For paddleboards, the board should as balanced as possible to minimize the need to create a balance manually by distributing the weight of whoever or whatever the board is carrying. Boards with a wider center, wide tail, full nose, and added height are usually the best in terms of offering much-needed stability while on water. Of course, it’s usually advantageous if you can distribute the weight for maximum stability.

 Durability and strength 

3 features - durable

A good stand up paddleboard for a family should be as strong and as durable as possible, to minimize the chances of damage, and of course, guarantee the safety of the users. The board you choose should have proper reinforcement and additional protection so that it is able to withstand the shock from rocks, docks, and other paddleboards as well.


A paddle does not have a wall and rails to hold on to to prevent you from falling into the water. Your best bet, therefore, is to minimize your chances of falling by getting a paddleboard that has slip-resistant material. That way, you will have enough traction, allowing you to make your paddle strokes more efficient. If possible, try as much as possible to get a paddleboard with slip-resistant material that covers the entire length of the board.

 Final thought 

Stand up paddling is, without a doubt, a fun way to enjoy the time that you spend outdoors. With the information in this article, you should be in a better position to get the best stand up paddleboard for your family. Needless to say, you should take your time when doing your research to ensure that you buy a top-quality paddleboard that will be worth the money.

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