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The Electric Revolution: 5 Benefits of E-Biking

  E-biking, or electric biking, is a rising trend that’s changing the way we think about cycling. It combines the best of both worlds – the joy of pedaling and the convenience of electric assistance. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or a newbie, e-biking offers a range of benefits that can make it a game-changer […]

Riding the Wave of Innovation: The Thrills of E-Surfboarding

Riding the Wave of Innovation: The Thrills of E-Surfboarding

  When it comes to water sports, surfing has always held a special place in the hearts of thrill-seekers and ocean enthusiasts. The feeling of riding a wave and the connection to the sea is an experience like no other. Now, a new innovation is taking the world of surfing by storm, quite literally – […]

Learning To Surf

Learning to surf at 30 & beyond

Surfing is the ultimate sport of summer. It takes a person on an adventure, provides endless entertainment, and can be done by people of all ages and abilities. By the age of 30, most people have a well-established career and are settled into adulthood. But what if at this point in your life, you’ve never […]
Are Foam Surfboards Any Good

Are Foam Surfboards Any Good?

Soft Surboards go by many different names, including foam surfboards and ‘foamies’. Though it looks very simple in design and is often seen in surf schools for beginners, the humble ‘foamie’ is actually more than that. Foam surfboards, or soft top boards can accommodate just about any surf enthusiast regardless of skill and level. They’re […]
How to Mount a Surfboard to your Car

How to Mount a Surfboard to your Car

You’re ready to tackle the waves with your first surfboard. The cooler is packed, along with your wetsuit. Now the only thing left to do is mount the surfboard to your car. This is easy when you know what you are doing. When you have plenty of roof space, getting the surfboard securely mounted to […]
foam surfboard selection

5 Tips On Why You Should Invest in a Foam Surfboard?

If you are tossing up whether to add a foam surfboard to your collection of surfboards and are not sure if this is necessary, we can help you understand if you should be surfing on a soft top surfboard. A foam board is really great fun for all skill levels whether you are looking for […]

Surfboard Rack

Things to consider when buying a surfboard rack

Surfboard Rack – Key Components in a Quality Surf Rack A surfboard rack is important especially if you want to keep your quiver safely stored and looking its best. When buying a surfboard rack, there are a few things you have to consider. Weight and Padding What kind of surfboard are you using? If you’re […]

Mini Mal

Step by step guide to choosing a surfboard

Surfboard For Sale – Selecting the Right Board Whether you are an experienced or beginner surfer, it doesn’t matter, knowing how to choose a surfboard can make a huge difference in how you maneuver waves successfully. Choosing a surfboard can be quite a difficult task because of the vast array of surfboards which are being […]

Learning To Surf

Our Top Ten Tips for Learning to Surf

Learning to Surf Here are 10 tips for those wanting to learn to surf. Let’s just say these are tips to help you get started, but like any new sport it takes practice. So let’s help you get surfing those waves!


Getting your Softboard ready for the Waves

Softboard Set-up So you have your CMP softboard package and need some help putting everything together. We can help. Essentially there are two things to put together on your new Soft board. Attach your surfboard Leash Put your Set of 3 Fins on the Softboard

Beginner Surfboard

Selecting Your First Surfboard – Advice for beginner surfers.

Beginner Surfboard Let’s begin by saying you can learn to surf on whatever board you like, but some are easier to surf on than others. So selecting the right one will maximize how fast you will pick up learning to surf. So in short if you want to progress quickly, a beginner surfboard such as […]


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