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Catching Crabs on your Stand up Paddleboard!

Yes one of my favourite “out there” things to do on my Stand up Paddleboard is to go Crabbing!

I had some great down time on the Tuggerah Lakes catching some Crabs on my Stand up Paddle board yesterday.

Yes you heard it right, there are so many fun activities to do and this is just 1 thing I love doing with my SUP.

I paddled out in the lake late on Saturday to put the traps out with the old fish I managed to get off my brother in law who is a mad fisherman. Instead of taking the kayak out it was a very calm day and so I got out the Sup and off I went.

It was so much fun pulling in th traps on Sunday morning and seeing how many I had got!!

PLENTY and the best part was the Chill Crab for dinner was AMAZING.

You will love this too, grab a crab trap, a CMP Stand up Paddleboard and some old fish and head out Paddling!

You will have so much fun. I Love all my Paddling adventures and so do the kids!!!


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