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Kayak & Stand Up Paddle Board Delivery To Brisbane

Our delivery information for a Kayak or Stand up Paddle board to Brisbane and surrounding areas.

So you live in Brisbane and are looking for a Kayak or Stand up Paddle board but don’t seem to be finding a deal to get you excited about? Is freight to beautiful Brissie just too much or too risky with a big courier company?

We offer personalised service direct to your door and brilliant wholesale prices on our kayak and paddleboard range with great freight prices!

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Selecting Your First Surfboard – advice for beginner surfers.

Let’s begin by saying you can learn to surf on whatever board you like, but some are easier to surf on than others. So selecting the right one will maximize how fast you will pick up learning to surf. So in short if you want to progress quickly, a beginner surfboard such as the softboard or Foamie is the perfect learn to surf board.

Why do surf schools teach on a soft surfboard? Because they are highly buoyant which makes them easier to stand up and catch waves and they are made of soft foam so if you happen to hit yourself on the board then the soft material will minimize your injuries. They are super stable on the water usually due to the wide dimensions enabling a new surfer to stand up easier than say a fiberglass surfboard which has less buoyancy. DO NOT be fooled by the myth that starting on a normal fibreglass surfboard is just as easy! NO NO NO!! Why do all surf schools teach on a softboard!!!

Getting started kayaking

Getting Started Kayaking and Basic Gear

New to kayaking? Looking for some fun on the water?

Here are some great tips to get your started. Easy to use and fun to paddle, kayaks open up vast new watery worlds to explore. You might find yourself floating above a sea of starfish, nosing through a lily-pad oasis, or rocking and rolling among the ocean waves. Ready to get out there? This article offers you tips from Weekend Warrior outdoors. Before You Set Out – You’ll have a much more enjoyable, and safer time on the water with a few key navigation, safety and paddling skills under your belt.

kayak safety

Product Safety

Safety requirements of using a Kayak, Paddle board and Water Vessel

When using any water vessel it is important to follow some basic safety information as follows:

Choosing an sup

Choosing A Sup

Weekend Warrior Outdoors is the manufacturer and distributor for CMP Boards Australia. CMP boards Australia produces Stand up Paddleboards, Surfboards and Softboards. CMP Boards are designed in Australia to the highest standard, we will not compromise our brand for a cheap quality import.

It is vital for you to be aware that there are so many boards out in the marketplace and yes they may look pretty on the outside but it’s what you can’t see and the core of the board that is the most important element of any SUP. We provide you some details on what to look for in a board further on in our Guide.

sup care instructions

Care Instructions

Stand up Paddleboard Care Instructions


The regulation of the internal air pressure on a Stand up Paddleboard is very important as it allows the core of the board to breathe. If you don’t have a vent then your board is sure to have problems either in de-laminating or internal damage from water on the core.

Choosing A Kayak

We are the Australian manufacturer and distributor for Weekend Warrior Kayaks. It is important to obtain some background knowledge of the differences between kayak models. So this guide will help you choose a kayak.

You may be interested to know that our background is Owning and running a successful Australian Plastic Moulding Company. So you will not find a better person to talk to than us about how these are made. We WILL NOT compromise the quality of a Weekend Warrior Kayak and our BRAND NAME is SO important.


So lets help you find the best Kayak for you.

brisbane water kayak

Great Kayak Fishing Spots in the Brisbane Water

As keen kayakers we here at Weekend Warriors have come up with some great kayak fishing spots for you to explore around the Brisbane Water. This article is really for the Fishing Kayak enthusiast.

Now the weather is starting to warm up, its time to grab the lures or bait, the fishing kayak and explore these great areas of the Brisbane Waters on the Central Coast of NSW. Not far for Sydney Kayakers or Newcastle Kayak Paddlers to venture as well.

Do I need to wear a Life Jacket when I am Kayaking or Stand up Paddleboarding?

A stand up paddle board is not a vessel and so you are not required to wear a lifejacket.

But with Kayaking or Canoeing on 1 November 2010, new compulsory lifejacket wearing requirements came into effect. Lifejackets are required to be worn in the following circumstances and this covers kayaks and canoes:


  • Are required to wear an appropriate lifejacket at all times. This can be a Type 1, Type 2 or Type 3.


  • Are required to wear a lifejacket on enclosed waters more than 100m from shore.
  • On open(coastal) waters, including when crossing a coastal bar or on white water at all times.
  • This can be a Type 1, Type 2 or Type 3.

Are you looking for more out of Paddling? You may be looking for people to go paddling with?

The great thing about Kayaking and Stand up Paddle Boarding is that there are so many Canoe and Kayak Clubs that you will enjoy the adventure with others.

As a member of a club you will often pay a membership fee but the advantage is that you receive all the insurance coverage, advice and general guidance, as well as development days and tours. Paddling groups and Clubs are located throughout Australia and we have compiled a sample to get you started.


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