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Our Thermo-Tech CMP paddleboard is the most stable and durable board in our range.

Using the latest in paddle board construction techniques, the EPS core is wrapped in a Thermo-Tech shell which is a poly-carbonate composite and produces unrivalled durability.

The Thermo-Tech is a great board for families and those that want a board they can knock around for long term durability and the ultimate in volume and stability. Not many 10’6 boards on the market can easily hold 120kg, so this offers this loading capacity. Developed as a paddleboard that would withstand the wear and tear and abuse of beginner paddlers and hire SUP schools with the combination of volume to be super stable. A perfect entry-level combination.

CMP SUP Boards Australia has stepped up again to present a world class board at an entry level price.

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Paddleboard ABS Thermo Construction DetailsPaddleboards for Sale Australia Wide

The most durable paddleboard around is the CMP ‘The Hulk”- as tough as nails!

The Hulk Design Features

  • Cruiser All Rounder Board – This offers an abundance of stability and for a 10’6 Board you will be hard pressed to find a board that easily carries 120kg, at 32 inches which is the optimum width for performance and ease of paddling on the water. Designed as a recreational sup board to use more on flat water, waves can be ridden but when comparing an epoxy all rounder this will be a little slower to turn due to the extra thickness. This overall design offers an easy glide through the water with a flat deck, plenty of volume in the nose and tail to maximize the tracking and effortless glide through the water. This board will give you years of enjoyment and one the whole family will enjoy.
  • Durability – Manufactured using a strong polypropylene plastic composite, this is known as an ABS material. Our Thermo-Tech board is 4 x tougher than a regular epoxy board. Resistant to impact with an added integrated rail guard offering further protection on the rail. Ultra tough and lightweight at 13kg.

Paddle Board Construction Features

  • ABS Thermo – Taking technology to the next level is the thermo epoxy paddleboard manufactured using the latest in composite technology – ABS formed Shell moulding.
    The lightweight EPS blank is placed in the mould which creates a strong core with high density. This blank is put back in the mould and layered with a fibreglass and epoxy resin which creates a ultra strong core. This epoxy core is then heat moulded with an ABS poly sheet which creates the outer layer built to be ultra-durable. The ABS creates a harder shell around the board which is more durable than the standard epoxy board.
  • Eco Blanks – it is essential to understand the elements that make up the core (centre) of your board. This is the component that you cannot see but is vital as it is the backbone of the paddle board. CMP SUP Boards are manufactured using a single pressure EPS mold which leaves no foam waste. Key features include being environmentally friendly, they offer a stronger and lighter foam, 100% accuracy and consistent boards shape.
  • Ergo Butterfly Handle – The most comfortable grab handle found on any paddleboard is our ergo butterfly carry handle. You will not have to worry about fingers cramping or weak leverage as this handle has a comfortable and superior grip. Not many boards have the ability to be picked up from flat on the ground. Always consider how you are going to carry the board, all our designs have the built in carry ergonomic grab handle.
  • Rail Tape – Our Thermo-Tech comes with integrated rail guard for added protection to the most vulnerable part of a SUP.

What is included?

  • 10’6 Paddleboard
  • Adjustable Aluminium SUP Paddle
  • 10 Foot Leg rope
  • 8 Inch Centre Fin
  • Heavy Duty Diamond Deck Grip
  • Upgrade Options: Board Bag $149 and Carbon Fibre Paddle $169
  • Free transit insurance – if your board is damaged in delivery we will replace it free of charge.

Recommended Accessories

Additional Information

  • Bricks and Mortar Stand up Paddle Board Store. Buy from a reputable Store with a proven history. 10 Years as same owner operator.
  • CMP Boards Australia and Funky SUP’s is based on the NSW Central Coast. With a focus on quality Paddle boards for sale, we have been designing and producing these SUP’s since 2010 and distribute this paddle board range from our warehouse at Berkeley Vale.
  • You may like to read more information on Choosing the right SUP Board blog we have put together many years ago.
  • If you are looking for some areas to Paddle in NSW

Paddle Board Specifications

10’6 Paddle Board
4 3/4
220 Ltr
1 Box – 8 Inch
120kg Easily

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