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Longboard Surf

Are you looking for a traditional nose rider that suits those smaller days? For beginner to advanced riders who value a longboard crafted using classic shapes that are equally eye catching and perfect to ride. A classic longboard known as a log could be the answer.

Manufactured from fibreglass which offers maximum flex and responsiveness. This beautiful cruiser has more weight so has loads of momentum when you hit the flat sections and when surfing at the nose. Perfect for long point breaks and smaller waves.

Do you love to Hang Ten and Walk the Plank. Meet our Classic Log named Ten Toes.

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Longboard Surf – Traditional Log

We all love a bit of tradition and this offers the classic longboard surfboard profile with enough volume to get onto those smaller rides and the perfect shape to do all the fancy foot displays. Not to mention how good this one looks displayed on the wall for a bit of memorabilia. Oh the good Old Days!

Design Features of our Longboard Surfboard

  • The outline shapes with long parallel rails create the platform to be able to walk and do the fancy footwork and the rounded classic nose to hold its line when riding those long waves. A long single concave at the nose tapering into a double concave at the tail gives you hold for extended nose time. The flat section down the middle provides the glide to get you onto the wave.
  • Featuring forgiving 50/50 rails that allow smooth transitional turns from the tail and bite on the wave face. Allowing any level of rider to experience the waves. This is the perfect board for clean and gentle open faces and a favourite for point and reef break riding.
  • This is a classic smooth longboard surfboard where you will be practicing your footwork and enjoying for many years to come. The Ten Toes is a longboard classic.

Construction Features

  • Fibreglass Longboard Surf– Our Fibreglass construction technique combines a PU foam blank, wooden stringer, with the fibreglass cloth which has two layers on the deck side with an additional layer on the standing area for ultimate strength, which is finished with the high quality polish finish.
  • Reinforced Rails – All our Longboards are reinforced on the rails, nose and tail. This offers the board uncompromising strength on key components of the board.

What is included?

  • 9’2 Longboard Surfboard Traditional Log – Available in Aqua or Timber
  • Centre Fin System with 9 Inch Fin Included

Recommended Accessories

Additional Information

  • Bricks and Mortar Stand up Paddle Board Store. Buy from a reputable Store with a proven history. 10 Years as same owner operator.
  • CMP Boards Australia is based on the NSW Central Coast. With a focus on quality Paddle boards and Surfboards for sale, they have been designing and producing Boards since 2010 and distribute this range from the CMP warehouse at Berkeley Vale.
  • If you prefer a more performance longboard for sale, you may like our 9 Foot performance longboard.
  • Are you still deciding on what style of board is right for you, our blog on Choosing s Surfboard might help.
  • We love helping people understand some fundamentals and if you are a beginner wanting some tips on using your longboard this could help.

Longboard Surf Specifications

Skill Level
9’2 Longboard Surf
72 Ltr
Single Fin Box
Beginner to Advanced


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