Kids Paddleboard


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Kids Paddleboard

A Kids Stand up Paddleboard that is ultra-durable and super stable with loads of floatation.

The built in carry handle allows for the kids to carry the board and the classic shape makes this board super stable and a great board for all occasions whether that be flat water paddling or wave riding. An ideal kids paddleboard size to turn and manoeuvre is this seven foot eleven kids sup board. The scaled down dimensions allow a child to easily turn the board and also a great size to carry. We must mention that each board comes complete with an adjustable paddle and leash.


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Kids Paddleboard
Kids Paddle Board Soft Top Construction

A great low impact kid sup to learn paddle boarding.

Design Features of a Kids Stand up Paddle Board

  • Manageable Size – This is lightweight and designed so that any age rider up to sixty kilograms can easily use this kids sup board and have loads of fun. The size of the kid sup boards allows children to easily turn the board on the water, whether that be whilst flat paddling or riding waves. Lightweight to lift this makes it easy for the kids to manage and the short length allows a lot of customers to fit the kid sup in the car without the need for roof racks
  • Soft Rails – Soft on the top and with an added soft bumper rails for extra safety and durability. The very important soft black bumper rail is vital to the strength and impact of a board. When choosing a board make sure that a board has a soft bumper rail.

Kids Sup Construction Features

  • Soft Vacuum Sealed Composite – The Soft Top Fiberglass composite creates a great mix of value and versatility. The process of our vacuum sealed construction is the EPS foam core which has a solid timber stringer is glassed with fiberglass layers. The core is then placed in a plastic sleeve with the IXPE deck and HDPE slick bottom and vacuum packed which sucks all the air out during the process. This bonds the EPS core with the soft deck and slick bottom, creating a stiff, strong and versatile board. This style of manufacturing is much more expensive to produce than heat lamination, but this vacuum sealed method makes these boards strong and able to withhold large volume of use so they last the distance. This production technique is only ever used in high end soft top boards and is vital to a quality Soft Top Board. This is truely built so much better than your average Soft Top SUP.
  • Eco Blanks – it is essential to understand the elements that make up the core (centre) of your board. This is the component that you cannot see but is vital as it is the backbone of the paddle board. CMP SUP Boards are manufactured using a single pressure EPS mold which leaves no foam waste. Key features include being environmentally friendly, they offer a stronger and lighter foam, 100% accuracy and consistent boards shape. The core is obviously the backbone of a board and so vital to the production of a quality SUP. Cheap Paddleboards do not last and so make sure a SUP has a high-density core. This Board is manufactured using a lightweight 24kgs/sqm EPS high density core.
  • Fiberglass Layer – Our Soft Top SUP Boards have a layer of fiberglass under the EVA deck which offers uncompromising strength to the board. Vital to the make-up of a top quality soft top board.
  • Ergo Butterfly Handle – The most comfortable grab handle found on any paddleboard is our ergo butterfly carry handle. You will not have to worry about fingers cramping or weak leverage as this handle has a comfortable and superior grip. Not many boards have the ability to be picked up from flat on the ground. Always consider how you are going to carry the board, all our designs have the built in carry ergonomic grab handle.

What is included in the Kids SUP Board?

  • 7’10 Paddleboard
  • Kids Adjustable Paddle
  • Six Foot Legrope
  • 8 Inch Centre Fin
  • Heavy Duty Deck Grip
  • Upgrade Options: Board Bag $100
  • Free transit insurance – if your board is damaged in delivery we will replace it free of charge.

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Additional Information

  • Bricks and Mortar Stand up Paddle Board Store. Buy from a reputable store with a proven history. 10 Years as same owner operator.
  • CMP Boards Australia is based on the NSW Central Coast. With a focus on quality Paddleboards for sale, they have been designing and producing these SUP’s since 2009 and distribute this paddle board range from the CMP warehouse at Berkeley Vale.

Paddleboard Specifications

7’10 Kids Paddleboard
4 1/5
1100 Ltr
1 Box – 8 Inch
Up to 60kg

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