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This is a sit on top (SOT) kayak trolley with the long prongs designed to sit through the self draining holes on most sit on kayaks. This includes most recreational styles of sit on top kayaks.

Key features of this trolley are the solid wheels that can never puncture and the ability of the arms to rotate to fit any style of sit on top kayak with the arms rotating from 70 mm to 680 mm.


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Kayak Trolley for Kayaks with Scupper Holes

Finding a kayak trolley that is simple to use and ensures you can take the kayak off-road into those un-known areas you are about to kayak. Most times you will find that the path to the water is full of rocks. mus and un-even surfaces. This kayak trolley will get you to the water in the most stress-free way with the all terrain wheels.
This design is suited to carrying that larger craft where the width and weight of these larger craft can be unsteady on the sit in designs. This kayak cart is suited to any kayak with self draining holes and the upright arms adjust to suit the holes. So this trolley was designed so the scupper holes reduce the motion of the craft moving whilst in transportation, they secure the boat in position whilst in motion.
A really important design element is the Airless wheels that mean they are solid and can not puncture. This is such an important element as have you ever tried to get a tube back into a wheel. We have so many times without success. So many customers are impressed with this feature.
Manufactured from rustproof aluminium with stainless steel hardware this is corrosion resistant which will ensure the longevity.
So now you can load up the fishing gear, picnic basket and all those fun things to spend a day on the water, with the knowledge this kayak trolley will get you to the water with ease.

Specifications and Features

  • Designed for sit-on-top kayak transport – A kayak cart for scupper holes
  • The two adjustable arms rotate to fit most kayaks that have the self-draining holes. With the ability to adjust from 70mm to 680mm.
  • Airless Wheels – so the tyre can never puncture.
  • Large 26 cm diameter wheels manoeuvre over rough terrain
  • Aluminium construction so the kayak cart can never rust
  • Guaranteed to move straight due to the craft being secured by the arms
  • Folds down for easy storage within seconds
  • The padded cross bars ensure your kayak is protected whilst being transported
  • Size unfolded 72cm x 68cm x 29cm

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