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Are you after a kayak seat replacement or kayak seat back support?

The right kayak seat can make paddling a much nicer experience. Having a good seat can be the key to sitting comfortably for hours fishing or paddling on the lake.

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Kayak Seat – Weekend Warrior Kayaks

Most recreational kayaks come fitted with the D-ring attachment where you can just clip on a kayak seat. We realise that every person is different and a great seat can be adjusted to suit each person’s height and weight by simply changing the length of the adjustable strap.
With the thermo-formed padding and moulded lumbar support these combine to offer so much comfort and back support.
If you need a kayak seat replacement or possibly some kayak seat back support then this kayak seat will offer that supreme support.

Specifications and Features

  • Brass Clips and adjustable straps for secure attachment
  • Ultimate comfort with the thermo-formed padding
  • Moulded Lumbar support for supreme support
  • Suitable for Sit-on Top Kayaks and some Sit-in Models
  • Backrest Height: 470 mm Backrest Width: 530 mm
  • Seat Length: 330 mm Seat Width: 360 mm

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