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Softboard 8ft Adults Beginner Surfboard.

Let’s begin by saying you can learn to surf on whatever board you like, but some are easier to surf on than others. So selecting the right one will maximize how fast you will pick up learning to surf. So in short if you want to progress quickly, a beginner surfboard such as the soft board or soft top surfboard is the perfect surfboard to learn on.

Soft board surf boards have loads of volume and are designed to make surfing simple and fun.

This board may seem long at 8 foot, especially for a new surfer, but it is actually ideal to learn the sport of surfing. A foam core gives it greater buoyancy, helps you to get to the top of a wave, and is easier to paddle. A popular size for a family to enjoy and suited to larger teenagers and adults.

Surf School Commercial Quality Softboard – Selling to the Public at our wholesale rate for over 10 years.

IN STOCK – Blue, Green and Pink

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Foam Surfboard

Beginner Surfboard – This is a soft top foam surfboard built for Adults to learn to surf.

The best value commercial quality softboards on the market. Yes this price is right- we sell at wholesale prices direct to you (Surf Schools pay the same price). These are commercial soft top surfboards built with quality components.

Why do surf schools teach on a soft surfboard? Because they are highly buoyant which makes them easier to stand up and catch waves and they are made of soft foam so if you happen to hit yourself on the board then the soft material will minimize your injuries. They are stable on the water due to the wide dimensions enabling a new surfer to stand up easier than a fiberglass surfboard which has less buoyancy”.

Read more about selecting your first surfboard and advise for beginner surfers on our blog.

Design Features of a Foam Surfboard

  • Low Impact – This is a low impact board that is designed for new surfers to develop surfing skills safely while having fun. This is the beginner’s choice because it combines safety with an experienced surfer’s feel.
  • High Buoyancy – The foam core of this CMP surfboard allows for high buoyancy while also enabling you to paddle quickly, giving you the ability to get onto the wave easily. The wide square tail enhances the boards volume and the tri-fin system makes easy work of maneuvering through the water.
  • Nose Rocker- Our design is built to get the most out of every ride. With a front nose kicker and loads of rocker this offers a longer ride. We have created the best shaped softboards for surf schools and beginners who want to get the most out of a wave. These boards have a great balance of shape, rocker and buoyancy for beginner surfers to gain confidence on a wave.

Construction Features of Foam Surfboard

The core and components that make up a softboard are vital to the strength and durability of a board. Although you can’t see the inside of a board you should realise the importance on performance and quality.

  • EPS Core –There are 2 important elements to a CMP softboard and why these are sold to surf schools as a high quality commercial board 1) A waterproof 22kg EPS Foam Core Blank makes up the centre of the board. This is light weight and top quality foam. 2) Two Timber Stringers coated in Fibreglass reinforced by two layers of 6oz fibreglass sheeting over the standing area of the board making it ultra-tough and adding flex to the board.
  • Vacuum Sealed Construction – The production process of combining the layers whilst under pressure in a sealed bag is called vacuum sealed. The layers bond together under the pressure. This method provides the highest softboard quality, reinforcing the boards strength and offering a waterproof bond. Never ever purchase a heat laminated softboard as these are low quality boards and will more than likely delaminate very quickly. A vacuum sealed softboard is more expensive to manufacture than heat lamination, but this vacuum sealed method makes these boards strong and able to withhold large volume of use so they last the distance. This production technique is only ever used in high end soft top boards and is vital to a quality softboard.
  • High Density Slick and Deck – The bottom of the board is a 4 mm HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) Slick. Being a commercial board it is important to have a thick slick which is strong and durable. The boards deck is a 4 mm IXPE foam surface offering a light weight and soft top to the board for traction and durability.
  • Soft Rails– Our Rolled PE Soft Black bumper rails offer a softer shaped rail which is tapered and offers a more forgiving ride. This soft bumper rail is vital to the quality of a softboard and enhances the strength and impact of a board. When choosing a board make sure that a board has a soft bumper rail.

What is included?

  • 8 Foot Softboard – Colour Options: Blue, Pink or Green
  • Tri Fin System – Soft Fins are Included.
  • Upgrade Options: Board Bag and Legrope

Selecting the right Softboard Size

The longer the foam surfboard the easier for a rider to learn, with the extra volume in a board. Keep in mind that the longer the board the harder to turn once you develop some skills. A rough guide to selecting the right size:

  • 6 Foot Softboard is ideal for any smaller child (around 3-9 years)
  • 7 Foot Softboard is great for ages 10-14 year old
  • 8 Foot Softboard size is suited to larger teenagers and all Adults with loads of volume.

Recommended Accessories

Additional Information

  • Bricks and Mortar Store. Buy from a reputable Store with a proven history. 10 Years as same owner operator.
  • CMP Boards Australia is based on the NSW Central Coast. With a focus on quality Surfboards, they have been designing and producing these softboards since 2009 and distribute this range from the CMP warehouse at Berkeley Vale.
  • We have put many blogs together over the years to help customers learn more about surfboards. You may like to read about Why Invest in a Foam Surfboard or Our Top Ten tips on learning to surf.
  • Now this is for those that have purchased a surfboard and want some beginner tips on paddling on a surfboard and catching waves.

Soft board Specifications

Average Suitable Age
Foam Surfboard
8 Foot
Set of 3 Soft Bumper Fins
Larger Teenagers and Adults

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    I recommend this product

    Amazing service and excellent board

    Such a well made, fun board to learn on. Would highly recommend it! Ordered it on a Monday and it was delivered Tuesday afternoon which was excellent. Such a great company to buy from.

    Rhiannon M.  
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    I recommend this product

    Great board, great service

    I love my new foam surfboard. The website is easy to navigate and to purchase from. I would recommend this company as a supplier for your next surfboard or kayak needs.

    Nicole L.  
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    I recommend this product

    Goal Accomplished!

    At 47 my goal was to stand up on the surfboard and ride a very small wave by the end of my holiday. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!! Great board to learn on.

    Cassandra M.  
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    Highly Recommended

    Great board, my 11 year old loves it….compares favourably (i.e. its much better) than the one my friend bought for his son, which was actually more expensive.

    Tim S.  
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    I recommend this product

    Awesome board

    My 15yo is very happy with the board.

    Michelle R.  
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    I recommend this product

    I really like it, it was fun. I’m learning to surf and enjoying the experience.

    Suzi G.  
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