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Let us not confuse this fishing kayak with a basic “small person” entry level kayak. This is the ultimate in brute in terms of offering a compact 3.3 metre length with serious load capacity with its generous width and unmatched height of 38 centimetres. This is generous in proportion and the perfect anglers kayak.

Paddling performance is a focus and this sit-on top model offers maneuverability and super tracking ability. You will notice as soon as you take this for a paddle it is the most stable kayak you will ever sit in and the glide is not sacrificed which is surprising for this compact style of kayak.

You will be confident to stand and fish and also have plenty of room to relax if you like to whilst paddling.



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Fishing Kayak that offers the ultimate in brute in terms of offering a compact 3.3 metre length with serious load capacity

Fishing Kayak Key Features

  • In-Built Wheel to Transport the kayak with ease. Especially ideal for sand and grass when you are moving it from the side of the car to the beach or lake.
  • The Ultimate in Storage Options with the super large front hatch and the two smaller hatches in arms reach offering space for all your gear.
  • In-Built Removable Tackle Box is for those that are into serious organisation of the hooks and sinkers. Straight in front of your seat for easy access.
  • Flat Hull with Slight Curvature offers the ultimate in primary stability. Especially important in Coastal Fishing with the secondary stability offering the design to handle choppy waters. This kayak is all about stability and maneuverability.
  • A Generous and Wide Cockpit allows for ample room, being 86 cm wide and 38 cm high this profile combines to offer the most stable kayak in the market.
  • Foot-controlled Rudder System allows you to steer the kayak through the water and find that perfect spot. This can be lowered from your seat as the locking cleat is at hands reach.
  • Adjustable Foot-Rest Length to make sure you are getting a comfortable paddle stroke. These leg length adjustments are done by setting the latch in the correct position on side rails of the foot rests.

Design and Construction

  • Quality Assurance- All our kayaks are manufactured using polyethylene plastic which is an abrasion-resistant and durable material needed in the production of long lasting UV protected kayaks. We offer the highest quality build and ensure with a superior quality control. How do we achieve this? Every kayak has a minimum 3.5 mm thickness on the hull & wall.
    To ensure quality control each kayak is drop tested to make sure that the polyethylene has bonded properly through the moulding process. After moulding every kayak is water tested to ensure perfect seals
  • UV Stabilized- Roto-moulded UV stabilized polyethylene manufactured for our harsh Australian climate. All plastics are not the same (many cheap kayaks are made from recycled plastic which is brittle and lasts only a few years). We pride ourselves on the highest quality and material we use is virtually indestructible. Our quality is simply unmatched for the price and with a UV7 stabilizer components these create durability and offer the extra assurance that your kayak has no air bubbles and won’t become brittle anytime soon. Yes 7 Full years in the sun!

What is included

  • 1 x Great White Kayak Camo
  • 1 x In-built Transport Wheel
  • 1 x Lightweight Paddle
  • 1 x Deluxe Padded Kayak Seat (Upgrade to Framed Seat Available)
  • 1 x Rudder System with Foot Control Operation
  • 2 x Heavy Duty Moulded-in Carry Handles
  • 4 x Built in Trolling Rod holders
  • 1 x 360 Degree Adjustable Rod Holder

Recommended Accessories

Additional Information


Kayak Weight
Maximum Weight Capacity
Great White
330 cm
86 cm
38 cm

30 kg

160 kg

(For Ultimate stability)

Kayak Hull– 3 Years

Parts– 12 Months

UV7 Rotomolded Polyethylene

UV7 = 7 years in full sun

Fishing Kayak Video Introduction

YouTube video

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