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Bamboo Paddle Board for sale is the latest design in the CMP Board range

The Exclusive CMP Turtle Design has the bamboo wrapped to encase the top and bottom of the board. The natural component of a bamboo deck with the contrast of a yellow rail, with the turtle providing an aesthetic you simply won’t find anywhere else. Not only beautiful, but the construction technique of advanced compression technology also offers the ultimate in strength and lightness not matched with a hand-shaped SUP board of the same size. A perfect combination to make your paddle-boarding experience a success.

The cruiser shape of this board encapsulates what it is all about, the style of board to perform well in all conditions. This all rounder SUP is a perfect flat water board well suited to beginners who want to cruise on the lake and after optimum stability . Offering more experienced paddle-boarders a dynamic board that rides perfectly on the rolling waves. Versatility and Stability and everything in between.

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Moulded Timber Epoxy Paddle Board Construction
Bamboo SUP Size Guide:

  • 10‘ Bamboo SUP Boards – This is our baby of the all rounder range and suits those smaller paddlers or those looking at using it more in surf conditions. This size is much easier to manoeuvre onto and turn whilst on the wave.
  • 10’ 6 Bamboo SUP Boards – This is such a versatile size with a wide body and round tail this model allows ample stability. Always a popular size due to it’s level of performance both on flat water and small waves.
  • 11’ 4 Bamboo SUP Boards – The ideal size for families as the extra volume allows kids to jump on the board with you and equally as popular amongst larger paddlers. This board has loads of floatation and is the easy choice if you are looking at doing more flat padding as it will be the fastest board due to its extra length.

Paddle Board Design Features

  • Cruiser All Rounder Board – Designed as a recreational board for all water conditions. If you are new to the sport this style will offer high stability and if you are a veteran of the sport you will enjoy the ability to cross over to surf those rolling 3-4 foot waves. Our design is very easy to paddle and will glide effortlessly though flat water which is perfect for the lake or river. As you progress on the board you will enjoy the flexibility to use it in surf conditions with ease.
  • Classic Shape – With a traditional full shape design this board is all about offering ultimate stability, with a long template achieving a glide and perfect tracking on the water. Stability is maximized through a generous width and thickness with a flat mid-section, the full round nose and tail with soft edges offers the generous volume. The classic lines make this board perfect for turning on waves much like a traditional log longboard. For regular paddle boarders looking for a board for the lake or river this is the most stable you will ever get. A firm favourite for over 10 years with customers.
  • Glide Gracefully – With a hi-polish professional finish over the beautiful timber and bamboo finish allowing a smooth glide as you easily swift through flat or choppy water. All boards are constructed using a 3 layer system of 6 once epoxy resin which makes them super durable and a hand polished high gloss finish.

Construction Features

  • Compression Moulded – Boards are produced utilizing advanced compression technology (ACT) moulding, as a result offering the latest in manufacturing techniques. CMP have gone to the expense of producing moulds which make all the CMP Boards 30 percent stronger and 2 kg lighter than the same volume board made by traditional methods such as hand shaped boards.. Created by using heat compression whilst in a tightly developed mould plug. The low density foam core is encased in bamboo during production improving the impact resistance. These boards truly encompass a state of the art technology using the finest epoxy resins and fiberglass.
  • Eco Blanks – it is essential to understand the elements that make up the core (centre) of your board. This is the component that you cannot see but is vital as it is the backbone of the paddle board. CMP SUP Boards are manufactured using a single pressure EPS mold which leaves no foam waste. Key features include being environmentally friendly, they offer a stronger and lighter foam, 100% accuracy and consistent boards shape.
  • Ergo Butterfly Handle – The most comfortable grab handle found on any paddleboard is our ergo butterfly carry handle. You will not have to worry about fingers cramping or weak leverage as this handle has a comfortable and superior grip. Not many boards have the ability to be picked up from flat on the ground. Always consider how you are going to carry the board, all our designs have the built in carry ergonomic grab handle.
  • Kevlar Infused – All our paddleboards are reinforced with Kevlar on the rails, nose and tail. This offers the board uncompromising strength on key components of the board.

What is included?

  • Bamboo Paddleboard in 10′, 10’6, 11’4 sizes
  • Adjustable Aluminium SUP Paddle
  • 10 Foot Legrope
  • Tri Fin System – Includes 8″ Centre Fin and 5″ Future Side Fins
  • Heavy Duty Diamond Deck Grip
  • Upgrade Options: Board Bag $100
  • Free transit insurance – if your board is damaged in delivery we will replace it free of charge.

Recommended Accessories

Additional Information

  • Bricks and Mortar Stand up Paddle Board Store. Buy from a reputable Store with a proven history. 10 Years as same owner operator.
  • CMP Boards Australia is based on the NSW Central Coast. With a focus on quality Paddle boards for sale, they have been designing and producing these SUP’s since 2009 and distribute this paddle board range from the CMP warehouse at Berkeley Vale.
  • If you prefer a more traditional colour scheme with the same shape you may like our Wood SUP Board or Bamboo PaddleBoard

Bamboo Paddle Board Specifications

10’ Bamboo Paddle Board
170 Ltr
1 Box 8’/2 Side
Up to 85kg
10’6 Bamboo Paddle Board
180 Ltr
1 Box 8’/2 Side
Up to 95kg
11’4 Bamboo Paddle Board
4’ ¾”
210 Ltr
1 Box 8’/2 Side
Up to 120kg

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