Kayak Accessories

Now its time to get your kayak to the water. Kayak Accessories are so important to consider when purchasing your new kayak! While not all are necessary they will make it so much easier for you to get into the water.
Whether you need a kayak storage solution, kayak trolley, kayak roof rack, paddle leash or life jacket. Weekend Warrior can help.

Here is a quick Run Down on some of our popular kayak accessories.
Our range of roof accessories include the kayak roof cradles and also the Kayak J- Rack systems. Both these fit most roof rack models but product specifications are outlined in each product listing.
If you don’t have any roof racks then that’s fine too, we sell soft roof racks for vehicles that don’t have anything installed. These soft racks have the tie down straps included so it is super easy to load and secure to.

A great kayak accessory is the kayak cart also known as the kayak trolley. Each trolley is built to suit different size and shape kayaks so we will explain what is the best trolley for your specific kayak.

  • Sit in Trolley – Designed for most sit in kayaks including sea kayaks and canoes or those without self draining holes.
  • Sit on top (SOT) Trolleys with the long prongs these are designed to sit through the self draining holes on most sit on kayaks. This includes most recreational styles of sit on top kayaks.

With so many products to make it easier to transport and carry, you will have peace of mind and a more enjoyable kayaking experience.