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Stand Up Paddleboard Package All Rounder 10′ 10’6″ 11’4″ Sky Blue Air SUP

$1,449.00 $849.00

Premium quality stand up paddle board

Have you been looking for a premium quality stand up paddle board with all the quality sup accessories, at an affordable price? This is the SUP package for you!

Like many of our other Elite Packages, the Sky Blue Air Elite Cruiser Package includes a stand up paddleboard, aluminium paddle, along with the deck grip, fins, and leash.


  • 1 x Stand up Paddle Board Sky Blue Air Elite Cruiser Design – Available in 10′, 10’6″, 11’4″ Sizes
  • 1 x CMP Full Adjustable Aluminium Paddle
  • 1 x Tri Fin System (3 fins) – Includes 8″ Centre Fin and 5″ Future Side Fins
  • 1 x 10 Foot Leg Rope Leash
  • 1 x High Density Diamond Deck Grip
  • You may also like to include the 1 x Heavy Duty CMP Board Bag with Carry Handle for $50 or upgrade for $100 to the Full Carbon Fibre Paddle



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Product Description

There are so many Stand up Paddle Boards for Sale and you are not sure what SUP size is best for you? This simple guide will point you in the right direction. Our All Rounder guide includes this selection of sizes-10 feet, 10 feet 6 inches, 11 feet 4 inches.

10′ Paddleboard (Best Paddle Board size for those more experienced paddlers that want to easily manoeuvre in surf, as well as lighter weight beginners)

From beginner to experienced or any level in between, this All Rounders Board with its 10 foot length represents stability. Our Elite Cruiser model has the classic lines and soft edges that make it one of our most versatile surfboards. We know that you want responsiveness when riding any size wave, and this model and size is designed to do the job. If you are a beginner and want to know if this board will make it easier to learn, the answer is yes. As your confidence grows, you will discover what this 10 foot board is capable of. Though the Yellow Air, like all the Elite Cruiser models, is preferred by the experienced surfer, it is great for the beginner as well. Able to support weights up to 85 kgs, its 170 litre volume contributes to its stability and performance.

10’6″ Paddleboard (Best Paddle Board choice for a versatile SUP, this still turns easily in surf and is equally as good in flat water)

When combining colour and size, the 10’6” Elite Cruiser model Yellow Air SUP is a choice that makes sense. The size is one of the most popular in our available ranges, while the color gives you high visibility in and out of the water. What makes this model so popular is its versatility. Though it is not a performance board, it has a complete design that makes it handle like a performance board with its wide body and round tail. This gives it a stable ride and makes it easy to ride. When in surf conditions, these are the qualities surfers depend on. It has a flat midsection making it easy to glide through the flat waters while its round full nose proves useful for getting onto the wave. Combine its classic lines with soft edges and you have a board that is perfect when turning and riding waves, Its length and balanced rocker allows you to easily maneuver this SUP. This is a board for both the beginner and experienced surfer, so whether you are out paddling or venture out into the waves, you will discover its versatility. With a volume of 180 litres and supporting weights of up to 95 kgs, this board is an obvious and popular choice among our customers.

11’4″ Paddleboard (Best Paddle Board for larger Paddlers and a popular choice for families)

A super stable board with loads of floatation, this is ideal for those looking at doing more flat paddling as the added length increases the speed and you will get from A to B faster on this board. This is compared with say our 10′ board which is obviously shorter in length which enables you to turn faster on a wave. This Cruiser still has the important design elements of a performance board so it also performs well in surf conditions. The classic lines of this shape with soft edges is perfect for turning and riding waves, with the length and balanced rocker allowing you to easily manouvre this SUP. At 210 litres in Volume, it is suited to any paddler up to 120kgs. This is a favourite amoungst families as it is super stable and still has the ability to perform well in all conditions.


  • CMP Boards Australia is based on the NSW Central Coast. They focus on quality Stand up Paddleboards and have been designing and producing these SUP’s since 2009 and distribute this paddle board range from the CMP warehouse at Erina
  • The main focus of CMP when it originated was to deliver a quality high performance SUP board range that was affordable. CMP is now known for the quality product, high performance and affordable range they produce
  • CMP Paddle Boards Australia specialise in Stand up Paddleboards and distribute Australia Wide


  • These hand finished paddle boards have a proven record for the professional finish and high level of performance in the water
  • Manufactured using the Gore USA two way air vent breather valve which is essential to prevent delamination. The type of breather valve is very important in the quality of a board.
  • Lightweight 24kgs/sqm EPS high density core. The core is obviously the backbone of a board and so vital to the production of a quality SUP. Cheap Paddle boards do not last and so make sure a SUP has a high density core.
  • All our boards are bamboo vacuum bagged wood sandwich construction
  • A wide body design, flat mid-section, round tail which makes it a very stable board
  • Round nose, classic lines with soft edges is perfect for turning on waves
  • These are durable boards, constructed using a 3 layer system of 6 once Epoxy Resin and a high gloss hand polished finish.
  • Has a full length Balsa wood stringer for strength
  • Built in carry grab handle. So important to help in carrying your board
  • Single Leg rope plug
  • Tri Fin system with 8″ Centre Fin with adjustable centre fin box and two 5″ Future side fins


Model Length Width Thickness Volume Fins Capacity
All Rounder 10’ 10” 32” 4’ ¼” 170 Ltr 1 Box 8’/2 Side Up to 85kg
All Rounder 10’6” 10’6” 31” 4’ ¾” 180 Ltr 1 Box 8’/2 Side Up to 95kg
All Rounder 11’4” 11’4” 33” 4’ ¾” 210 Ltr 1 Box 8’/2 Side Up to 120kg


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