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Family Kayak – Storage Package

$1,499.00 $749.00

Are you looking for a complete package? Then we can help you! We have packaged together some our most popular items to create these economical kayak packages.

This package comes complete with all the standard equipment (paddles, seats, rod holders) as well as so much more. Package 2 includes the Trolley, Kayak Storage Hoist and 2 Paddle Leashes.

Sit on Top Kayak Trolley – Designed to allow just one person to easily carry any craft to the water. The large rubber pneumatic wheels make it easy to glide over sand or gravel even if it is an uneven surface. This Sit on Top Trolley is the only design you would want for this kayak.

Kayak Storage Hoist – This is the perfect solution as it stores those items in places you could otherwise not use. These are very easy to set up and use. The design is a pulley system where you pull the rope to lift the kayak in the air and then loosen the rope to lower it to the ground.

Paddle Leash x 2 – You will not have to worry about losing your paddle with this quality paddle leash also included.


Product Description


  • 1 x Rhya Triple Fishing Kayak RRP $850 (Colour Selection available at check out)
  • 2 x Light sports two piece paddles RRP $120
  • 2 x Deluxe padded kayak seats RRP $110
  • 2 x Free flush mounted rod holder RRP $50
  • 2 x 360 degree adjustable rod holder RRP $60
  • 2 x Quality Paddle Leash’s RRP $30
  • 1 x Sit in Kayak Trolley RRP $149
  • 1 x Kayak Storage Hoist RRP $90


  • VERY STABLE: At 86 cm wide this provides stability and you can also stand up in this kayak with ease
  • VERSATILE: You can paddle it solo, as a double or triple or even a family.
  • WEIGHT: This Kayak holds paddlers up to 230kg safely. The whole family can paddle together as long as you don’t weigh over 230kg together, otherwise it will lose its stability.
  • OUTBOARD: Ready for a mounting bracket for your motor. We designed this so the back rod holders fit the bracket straight through.
  • PRODUCTION: Moulded from UV stabilised LDPE Polyethylene plastic. Plastic kayaks are very robust in nature
  • STORAGE: Make sure you get a twist lock hatch as the clips can break on flip lid styles. This model comes with 2 twist lock waterproof storage hatches


  • 2 x Light Sports Paddle – 2 Piece aluminium paddle with drip handle, they can be adjusted to be straight or offset
  • 2 x Deluxe Padded Kayak Seat as pictured – This is so important for lower back support, they have a high back and loads of padding.
  • Rod Holders – 2 x 360′ External adjustable rod holder and 2 free flush mounted fishing rod holders
  • Waterproof hatches – Two waterproof hatches with twist lock hatch covers
  • Foot Rests – Moulded ribbed foot rests to allow many height ranges to paddle with ease
  • Carry Handles – Front, rear and side carry handles
  • Multiple drain plugs included – 8 drainage holes included with scupper plugs so you can easily drain if you get water in your kayak
  • Drink Holder – Inbuilt drink bottle holder
  • BRICKS AND MORTAR KAYAK STORE – Buy from a reputable Kayak Store with a proven history. COME AND VIEW OUR RANGE IN STORE!!


Model Length Width Height Weight Safe Capacity
Rhya 370cm 86cm 40cm 32kg 230kg