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What Everybody Should Know About a Pedal Kayak

 Pedal Kayak Benefits vs Drawbacks 

If you own a fishing kayak, you might be tempted to try out a pedal powered kayak. With the current advance in technology, pedal power is one of the most significant changes in kayaking. Nevertheless, the process of selecting the right pedal-powered kayak can be daunting, especially for first-timers. However, if you take your time to do thorough research, you can easily find the right kayak depending on your needs, preferences, and budget.

Pedal Powered Kayak 

Pedal powered kayaks originated from the Hobie brand in 1997. Hobie kayaks introduced the Mirage Drive and made it very popular with recreational paddlers and anglers. As technology advanced, in 2008, Native Watercraft introduced the Propel as their pedal device. With these two brands gaining popularity worldwide, it was only a matter of time before other manufacturers introduced new pedal drives. Now anglers are offered numerous options when it comes to choosing pedal-powered kayaks.

 Fishing Kayaks Pedal
What are the benefits of pedal powered kayaks? 

Freeing up your hands – while using your legs to pedal, you can keep your hands free to fish while you propel through the water. Depending on the pedal kayak you are using, you may have to use your hands to retract the under-mounted fins when steering through shallow waters. Also, you may have to use the paddle when turning and reversing the kayak.

Speed – when you compare the effort required to achieve and maintain a certain speed, the pedal kayaks are a lot faster than using a paddle kayak. Pedal kayaks either have a rotational pedal(propeller pedal) or a push pedal(flipper pedal) system. Understanding, you are using your leg muscles to move the kayak, so your level of power or fitness determines the speed.

The propulsion is located under the kayak, and it is essential to remember this, thus reducing water splashing and making them stealthier. Typically, fish do not like anything out of the ordinary and to avoid scaring them away, a quiet moving kayak that offers you comfort and the ability to paddle without using your hands is a right choice.

 Fishing Kayaks With Pedals
What are the drawbacks of pedal-powered kayaks? 

Besides having numerous benefits, these type of kayaks has several drawbacks when compared to the traditional paddle fishing kayaks. The drawbacks include:
They have less storage space because the drive system takes up space which limits the foot-well area.
Depending on the brand of the pedal kayak, you find that you might need to retract the pedal drive to get into shallow waters.
They require regular maintenance practices. Pedal-powered kayaks are costly and heavier than sit on top kayaks of the same length due to the weight of the pedal drive.

Therefore, if you are considering buying a pedal kayak, there are several factors you should consider to avoid making a mistake. You should focus on buying a kayak you want while ensuring that it is suiting your budget and needs. If you are in Australia and you would like to buy, research or inquire about a pedal-powered kayak or any other type of kayak, you can visit our kayaks for sale page for more information.

Pedal Fishing Kayak

 Learn more about our Pedal Kayak and watch our video demo. You may also be interested in some pros and cons of paddling or pedaling a kayak. 

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