Are you looking for a Kayak Paddling Group?

 Kayaking – Are you looking for people to go paddling with? 

 The great thing about Kayaking is that there are so many Canoe and Kayak Clubs that you will enjoy the adventure with others. 

As a retail paddling store, we are often the first port of call for people looking for other people to go paddling with. We recommend that if you are a novice paddler, you consider joining one of the many registered kayak clubs. Whilst many clubs are focused on a particular aspect of kayaking (racing, white water, sea kayaking, etc), there are clubs around that have more of a general feel to them whilst still having the specialist areas incorporated into them.

As a member of a club you will often pay a membership fee but the advantage is that you receive all the insurance coverage, advice and general guidance, as well as development days and tours. Paddling groups and Clubs are located throughout Australia and we have compiled a sample to get you started.

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 The benefits of joining a registered club over a casual paddling group 

  • Insurance Coverage
    In this world of legalities, it is important to make sure that your medical and other out-of-pocket expenses are covered if you are injured whilst kayaking. Also, that you are not at risk of losing your assets (including your home) if someone sues you as a result of an injury on a trip where you were the co-coordinating trip leader.
    Membership costs range between $50 and $100 per year, so for less than $2 per week, you can have peace of mind.
  • People with experience that you can learn from
    By joining a club, you can draw on the expertise of others in the group, rather than it being a case of the blind-leading-the-blind, where all paddlers are beginners and fumbling along together.
  • Skill Development Days
    Clubs run days where you can learn the skills necessary for safe and enjoyable paddling. This will help you to develop appropriate skills from the beginning, and avoid developing bad habits that can cause injury and be difficult to rectify later.

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 Kayaking Groups in NSW 

Kayak Club Name
Website or Email
Central Coast Paddlers
Cronulla Sutherland Kayak Club
Grays Point
Far North Coast Canoe Club
Lane Cove Rover Kayakers
Lane Cove West
Manly Warringah Kayak Club
Penrith Valley Canoeing
Southside Paddlers

 Kayaking in Queensland 

Kayak Club Name
Website or Email
Broken Paddle Canoe Club
Brothers Canoe Club
Currumbin Creek Paddlers Club
Palm Beach
Karana District Kayak/Canoe Club
Karana Downs
Mackay Canoe Club
Newport Waters Canoe Club
Kippa Ring
Sandgate Canoe Club Inc
West End Canoe Club
West End
Wynnum Redlands Canoe Club

 Kayak South Australia – Clubs 

Kayak Club Name
Website or Email
Marathon Canoe Club
Northern Districts Canoe Club
Mawson Lakes
West Lakes Canoe Club
West Lakes

 Kayak Victoria – Clubs 

Kayak Club Name
Website or Email
Ballarat Amateur Canoe Club
Essendon Canoe Club
Ascot Vale
Fairfield Canoe Club
Footscray Canoe Club
Kananook Creek Canoe Club
Kirinari Kayak Klub
Wonga Park
Patterson Lakes Canoe Club
Tarwin River canoe Club
Tarwin River
Yarrawonga Mulwala Canoeing Club

 Kayaks NswOther Useful Links for Kayaking Information 

 Weather Information  

Weather can play a critical element in your paddling experience. Having knowledge of the impending weather conditions in advance is important especially for an overnight kayaking trip or tour. We have compiled a list of helpful websites.

  • Bureau of Meterology – A government body providing national weather and climate reports with regular forecast and weather warnings across Australia.
  • Coastalwatch – Australia’s largest network of surf reports, surf cams and forecast.
  • Seabreeze – Australians water-sports website where you can view stories, weather forecast and great information from like minded water-sports enthusiast.

 Peak Kayaking and Canoeing Bodies in Australia 

We are so lucky to have many government and private organisations that help us with guides on places to paddle, how to be safe on the water and much more. Check out each website for useful information.

 Magazines and Forums 

Are you after some great stories of other people’s adventures or possibly some help with some good kayaking spots or want to develop your paddling skills. Here are some helpful sites to get you motivated to do more paddling.

 If you are in the market for a new kayak to take paddling, you may like our range of fishing kayaks, sea kayaks and pedal kayaks. 

 We love the outdoors and thrive on every opportunity we get to paddle. We are happy to help with any questions you have. 

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