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 Kayak Victoria – Places to Paddle 

Come and explore some of Victoria’s beautiful waterways, whether you have a sit on top kayak or sea kayak, we have some great spots for you to explore. Victoria has some dream destinations.Whether it is the Yarra River in Melbourne, exploring the seal colony at Apollo Bay or for the more adventurous who are after longer distance paddling at the Glenelg River. With so much to see you may want to see the scenery at Gippsland Lakes or tour the amazing Murray.

This is only a small selection of some amazing places you can paddle In Victoria. 

 Gippsland Lakes (East Gippsland) 

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If you like tranquility than the Gippsland Lakes are an ideal location. This system of Coastal lagoons are separated by the coastal dunes of Ninety Mile Beach and by the Tasman Sea.

Australia’s largest and most beautiful inland waterways, the Gippsland Lakes are a network of lakes, marshes and lagoons covering over 600 square kilometres.

 Yarra River (Melbourne City) 

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What a way to explore Melbourne. Grab your kayak and cruise down the Yarra River seeing all of Melbourne’s sights from your kayak. A good starting point is upstream of the Princes Bridge and you can than continue along the Yarra River past Flinders Station and South Wharf where you will see the Polly Woodside Tallship. When you enter the Docklands area and the beautiful Yarra Marina, you will be happy you explored this in your kayak. You may want to turn around at this point and head back upstream so you don’t miss Crown Casino and the district of South Bank. A great Paddle for beginners of all ages. This is just a perfect way to see Melbourne in a new way!

 Apollo Bay (Great Ocean Road) 

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Kayaking in the beautiful waters of Apollo Bay to the Marengo Marine Sanctuary in the Otway National Park is an experience not to be missed. What a perfect way to explore a seal colony, and just 500 metres off the shore of Apollo Bay on the stunning south East coast of Victoria. There is no better way than a kayak to see this large colony of Australian Seals sunning themselves and jumping in this magic water. Whether you are a beginner paddler or experienced you will love this. This beautiful Apollo Bay is on the Great Ocean Road.

 Glenelg Cliffs (Grampians) 

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You will not find many places with such visual impact than this 400 kilometre Glenelg River with its limestone cliffs edging the river for kilometres. Take a trip to Nelson which is close to the Victorian border. The lower Genelg National Park lies near the border of Victoria and South Australia, virtually midway between Melbourne and Adelaide.

Highlights include the Princess Margaret Rose cave with simply stunning limestone formations and the spectacular 50 metre gorge into the limestone which was carved by the river close to the sea. Whether you are looking for a fishing adventure, camping tour or a leisurely paddle, this region is a must.

 The Murray, VIC 

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If you are a beginner looking for a great place to start on the Murray, than the lower Murray river is free from rapids and a perfect atmosphere to paddle along the beautiful shores with gum trees. You could try your luck at fishing or just simply paddle through this calming place. Whether the more adventurous level five rapids are your thing, or the beautiful natural country is your ideal, than this area offers such diversity. Safe Lagoon on Gunblower Island or the Wetland of Barmah are worth a look, as well Murray Gates near Corryong.

 Point Nepean National Park (Mornington Peninsula) 

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At the very tip of the Mornington Peninsula, sits Point Nepean National Park. With amazing coastal scenery and nature at its best, this is a place for nature lovers and alike. With views of the Rip, Bass Strait and Port Philip Bay, the landscape is outstanding.

Whether you are taking a day trip or want to explore the entire region, this is ideal for both. A great paddle is along the coast of Point Nepean National Park which takes you into the dolphin sanctuary and the ultimate opportunity to see seals, dolphins and penguins up close. A great stop for those on a leisurely paddle is Sorrento, as you would not take on the Rip unless you were experienced and wanting a real adventure as this is known to be some of the most hazardous waterways of Australia.

 Victoria has so many amazing places to kayak and canoe, and we have only touched on a few. If you would like more information on Where to Paddle in Victoria here is some useful links: 

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