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 Kayak Care – Helpful Hints  

Here at Weekend Warrior we believe if you take care of your kayak and do basic maintenance then the kayak will be in pristine condition for years to come. Our roto-moulded kayaks are manufactured from a high grade linear polyethylene plastic which makes them practically maintenance free. If you follow some basic upkeep and simple storage and transportation techniques, your kayak will be in near new conditions for years to come. Here is some advice on caring for your kayak.

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 Storing the Kayak 

Deciding where you will store your kayak often comes down to space limitations. Whilst storing a kayak indoors is the best idea, we realise this is not always achievable.

Follow the following ideals when storing your kayak.

  • Keep the kayak in the shade when storing it outside and out of direct sunlight. Most Kayaks do have in-built UV stabilizer components, long term exposure can cause the kayak to deteriorate. You can purchase kayak covers or otherwise a tarp does a great job as well.
  • Just like UV sunlight, direct heat will also be harmful to the kayak, so storing this in a shady area is the best idea to get a long lifespan out of your kayak such as a shed, garage or under a deck.
  • If storing your kayak indoors there are many types of storage solutions you can purchase to maximise space, whether that be in your garage or house for that matter. A few popular storage ideas are kayak hoists and also wall rack storage solutions.
  • Always be mindful to store a kayak on its side or vertically, never on the hull.

 Kayak StorageSun Exposure 

The sun is the major factor of concern relating to the life span of a polyethylene kayak. Our kayaks have 6 years of inbuilt UV stabilizes which means that if left in direct sunlight for this period the kayak will start to breakdown and this means it will become dis-coloured, then eventually brittle.


A very important element is to wash your kayak off with fresh water after use, then dry with a towel. Salt water is not harmful to the plastic but will maintain all the attachments including stainless screws, rivets, rudders, to ensure they last for years.


Indentations can occur on plastic kayaks and this is often due to improper transportation or storage, where you have tied the kayak to your roof so tight that it has deformed the shape of your kayak or storing a kayak on the hull. Usually a dent does come out with heat, by putting the kayak in hot weather for a few hours the heat will help reform the shape. Some people recommend a hair dryer or hot water if you are in a cold area to help pop the kayak back into shape.

A plastic kayak can handle you dragging it down the beach and is more durable then you would think. Keeping in mind you should avoid dragging your kayak as you might damage the keel. This is where kayak trolleys or the carry handles on a kayak are very handy.

 Repairing a Plastic Kayak 

Although this is the last thing you want to think about it is worth noting that you can repair a plastic kayak by using a polyethylene repair kit. To do this use a propane torch or plastic welder and a polyethylene repair kit to weld the plastic over the affected area.

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 General Guidance 

  • Do not store the kayak in a kayak trolley
  • Do not drag a kayak over rough terrain as you will damage the hull. Especially over rocks, asphalt, gravel and the like.
  • Do not drop the kayak
  • Also when transporting be mindful of the hull, kayak cradles or J racks are very useful for correctly transporting a kayak.

 Please do not hesitate to call or email us if you have any questions relating to caring for your Weekend Warrior Kayak. 



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