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Amazing Places to Kayak in Queensland

So you purchased that dream kayak and you now are wondering why? Will I ever really use it?

It has been sitting in the garage and the wife is nagging you about “the next toy you had to have!”

We can tell you now that you will have some unbelievable experiences paddling on your kayak and we have put together 5 magic spots in Queensland to get you enthusiastic! 




On the beautiful coast, on Brisbane’s doorstep just a 40 minute drive, is Moreton Bay and the islands that make up Moreton Bay are a kayakers dream. If you like birdlife, shipwrecks, dolphins, whales, sea life than you will love this place. You will paddle across mud flats and skim through sand.

A popular spot, surrounded by multiple islands including Moreton Island, Bribie Island, St Helena and Peel Islands.

Tangalooma Wrecks is an amazing experience and full of marine life especially through the wrecks which are located off Moreton Island. You may want to pack your swimmers and even check out under water the amazing sea life. With great spots for beginners like the calm sheltered side of Bribie Island is ideal to get you interested.




Approximately 2 hours North of Brisbane is the Noosa River. The Noosa River flows into the Pacific Ocean at Noosa, and the river system which is some 60 kilometres starts in the sand masses at the north which is known as the Great Sandy National Park (Cooloola Section).

Lake Cootharaba and Noosa River are upstream and the tidal Noosa River and Lake Cooroibah form the lower river. The natural beauty of this area, the tea tree stained water and the amazing reflections on the water which create a mirrored surface. This is known as the Everglades and is on the lower section of the river above Fig tree Point.

A beautiful day trip down the lower Noosa River starts at Boreen Point on Lake Cootharaba, you can paddle the shallow water to the southern outlet where the narrow rivers of beautiful casuarina and melaleuca trees. This will take you to Lake Cooroibah and Tewantin and The Noosa bar. Just beautiful!




Located just 20km north of Port Douglas and at the mouth of the Daintree River is this perfect sea kayaker’s destination.

A great paddle is from Wonga Beach to Snapper Island, which on a good calm day can be done in 2 hours. If you are wanting an overnight stay there are some campsites on the island which you will need a permit for, but a perfect quick escape. Definitely pack the snorkel to view the bright coral and beautiful sea life.




Babinda Creek, 50 minutes from Cairns is stunning. A beautiful area for a family adventure.

This amazing place is situated in the Wooroonooran National Park which is World Heritage Listed and is placed between Queensland’s 2 largest mountains being Mr Beelenden Kerr and Mt Bartle Frere. This crystal clear water is permanently flowing and the stream is filled with fish, turtles and amazing Platypus.




Just South of Gympie in South East Queensland and part of the beautiful Mary Valley Country is the Borumba Dam.

Whether you have only a few hours or the entire weekend, you will explore the large hills covered in wild dense forest habitats which come right down to the water’s edge, red bottle brush and lilly pads which surround the steep banks of this beautiful lake.

A perfect spot for the fishing enthusiast and camping grounds are available.

If we have inspired you to visit these beautiful areas, you can find some useful information at the following websites. Queensland has so many beautiful places to paddle and you mind find these links useful:

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