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Wave Ski for sale – Plastic Roto Model

Wave ski Pro is designed for the beginner rider for the ultimate in buoyancy and manoeuvrability. This is created with the high rails and extra width to allow you extra stability when mastering the waves. These are agile to make top and basic turns.

This Wave ski Pro Ski is built using the tried and tested Wavemaster mould which has been operating since 1979. We are the Australian Manufacturer and Distributor of Wave ski Pro which is moulded on the Central Coast of NSW. This is the best value waveski on the market and ideal if you are just starting out.

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Wave Ski Inclusions:

  • 1 x Wave Ski Pro
  • 1 x Lightweight Two-Piece Paddle
  • 1 x Adjusta Block System with Standard Footstrap
  • 1 x Triple Fin Set
  • 1 x Seat Belt and Comfortable Seat Pad

Key Features

  • When a wave ski is being engineered many factors are considered including the type of surfing, style of surf, size of a wave, height and weight of the rider. In this designing phase a wave ski is produced with many factors being considered including speed, power, stability and buoyancy. Then the style of wave and riders ability is assessed and this is often classified as beginner, intermediate and expert riders. For a rider who is a beginner a surf ski is manufactured to have stability and an advanced rider looks for power and speed.
  • A Plastic Wave ski is built so that the whole family can enjoy with plastic being very durable. Fibreglass skis are brilliant craft but they need to be used with care.
  • Wave Ski Pro is produced at a rotational moulding company on the Central Coast of NSW. Using the wave ski mould purchased from Wavemaster which have been producing Wave skis since 1979. They decided to concentrate on the fibreglass operations and since we produce plastic products this fitted in perfectly with our operations. This model had been manufactured successfully through Wavemaster and was a popular model for the entry level market.
  • Included with a 12 Month Warranty.

Design and Construction

  • Quality Assurance- All our kayaks are manufactured using LDPE polyethylene plastic which is an abrasion-resistant and durable material needed in the production of long lasting UV protected kayaks. We offer the highest quality build and ensure with a superior quality control. How do we achieve this? Every kayak has a minimum 3.5mm thickness on the hull & wall.
    To ensure quality control each kayak is drop tested to make sure that the polyethylene has bonded properly through the moulding process. After moulding every kayak is water tested to ensure perfect seals
  • UV Stabilised- Rotomoulded UV stabilised polyethylene manufactured for our harsh Australian climate. All plastics are not the same (many cheap kayaks are made from recycled plastic which is brittle and lasts only a few years). We pride ourselves on the highest quality and material we use is virtually indestructible. Our quality is simply un-matched for the price and with a UV7 stabilise components these create durability and offer the extra assurance that your kayak has no air bubbles and won’t become brittle anytime soon. Yes 7 Full years in the sun!

Recommended Accessories


Maximum Weight


Weight of Waveski
Colour Range
2.3 metre
Sky Blue or Orange
2.5 metre
Sky Blue or Orange


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