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Tandem Kayak – Sit on Top Kayak perfect for Families

The versatile design features a three-seat configuration and the ability to also move the seat into the middle position to paddle it solo. This sit-on top double kayak has a focus on family with many added features to enable you to enjoy a day out with the kids and perfect for the couple to fit an esky into the middle position.

Engineered with a broad hull making many activities possible, from paddling in the ocean to down the river. This kayak is super stable, but more impressive is the straight line it tracks with the bow and stern shape delivering perfect balance and speed.

This has been a favourite for Weekend Warrior customers for ten years now due to its excellent stability and unbeatable affordability.

In Stock – Blue/White, Green/White, Camo and Rainbow

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Tandem Kayak for Sale

Tandem KayakKey Features of this Tandem Kayak for Sale

  • V-Shaped Hull and Aqua dynamic Shape allow the kayak to move quickly in the water and ensure straight tracking with minimal effort. Perfect for both fishing and recreational kayaking and most suited to lakes and rivers.
  • Very Stable with a Hard Chine which allows it straight tracking in the water and why this is one of the best double kayaks in the Australian market. The width of 86 cm provides ultimate stability which is very important for any sit-on top kayak and perfect for family and beginner kayakers.
  • Versatility with Roomy Cockpit and the ability to paddle it solo, as a double or triple kayak. Moulded in grooved footrests allow any paddler no matter the height the comfort to adjust your position.
  • Easy to Adapt Motor Mount with the back rod holders adapting to fit your bracket straight into the holes.
  • UV Resistant Polyethylene Plastic is robust in nature and impact resistant. It is a material that is easily repaired and recyclable. To the kayaker this ultimately means it is unlikely to get easily damaged.
  • Two Water Tight Storage Hatches to keep your essentials safe. The front storage hatch is a moulded in hatch and the rear hatch has a red waterproof bag inserted into the storage hatch.
  • 10 Years Selling this Tandem Kayak and this is a great recreational all person kayak that suits all kayak levels and one the whole family will love.

Design and Construction

  • Quality Assurance- All our kayaks are manufactured using polyethylene plastic which is an abrasion-resistant and durable material needed in the production of long lasting UV protected kayaks. We offer the highest quality build and ensure with a superior quality control. How do we achieve this? Every kayak has a minimum 3.5 mm thickness on the hull & wall.
    To ensure quality control each kayak is drop tested to make sure that the polyethylene has bonded properly through the moulding process. After moulding every kayak is water tested to ensure perfect seals
  • UV Stabilized- Roto-moulded UV stabilized polyethylene manufactured for our harsh Australian climate. All plastics are not the same (many cheap kayaks are made from recycled plastic which is brittle and lasts only a few years). We pride ourselves on the highest quality and material we use is virtually indestructible. Our quality is simply un-matched for the price and with a UV7 stabilize components these create durability and offer the extra assurance that your kayak has no air bubbles and won’t become brittle anytime soon. Yes 7 Full years in the sun!

What is included

  • 1 x Tandem Kayak – Available in Green/White, Blue/White, Rainbow and Camo
  • 2 x Lightweight Paddles
  • 2 x Deluxe Kayak Seats
  • 2 x Side and Rear Heavy Duty Carry Handles with Paddle-Saver
  • 2 x Built in Trolling Rod Holders
  • 2 x 360 Degree Adjustable Rod Holders

Recommended Accessories

Additional Information

  • Bricks and Mortar Kayak Store. Buy from a reputable Kayak Store with a proven history.
  • Rodney (Owner) is available anytime on# to answer questions or to discuss your kayaking needs.
  • If you are looking for some areas to Paddle in NSW
  • We may not have the largest selection of kayaks, but after 10 years we sell quality not quantity. If you are searching for your family you may prefer the versatility that two kayaks offer and a family favourite is our Snapper Kayak.


Kayak Weight
Maximum Weight Capacity
Tandem + 1
370 cm
86 cm
40 cm
32 kg
240 kg

(For Ultimate stability)

Kayak Hull– 3 Years

Parts– 12 Months

UV 7 Rotomolded Polyethylene

UV 7 = 7 years in full sun

Tandem Kayak Video Introduction

YouTube video

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