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Mini Mal Surfboard


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Mini Mal Surfboards are the Perfect Combination of a Shortboard and Longboard and are a fun and reliable surfboard.

Not too small and not too big, a mid-length surfboard that shines in small to medium size waves. A fun and a reliable surfboard that combines the responsive turns of a short board with the flotation of a longboard. The full and generous nose to tail ratio provides stability in those smaller conditions.

The Groovin Mini Mal will get you out on the summer beach breaks when the small waves are keeping your short board in the garage.

Mini Mal Surfboard Inclusions:

  • Bamboo Mini Mal in 7 or 8 Foot
  • Included with set of 3 Fins
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Mini Mal Surfboard – Get your groove on with this super reliable Mini Mal.

The Groovin mini mal for sale is your mid-length go to board that is a versatile cruiser that is sure to improve your wave count. The Mini Mal is a reliable surfboard that will adapt to conditions; it combines the features found in a performance long board with the response of a shortboard. Classified as a fun shape this is ideal for those slower days.

A beauty that regardless of your skill level, this cruiser has loads of paddle power and will glide effortlessly into waves. This is helped by the full and generous volume in the nose and tail providing loads of stability and allowing an easy take off.

Our design has a slight taper through the tail and a removable thruster fin system which combine to maximize manoeuvrability and a more controlled ride.

The medium rocker and single concave bottom with the rounded square tail give the board its manoeuvrability.

These boards are epoxy with a traditional bamboo deck with two 4 once layers of glass ensuring they last the distance. This Mini Mal is available in two sizes and includes the fins.

Mini Mal Specifications
Length Width Thickness Volume
7′ 21 1/2 2 3/4 45L
8′ 22 1/4 2 3/4 57L
  • Skill Level – Beginner to Advanced
  • Fin Set Up – 3 Fin Thruster System

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