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Getting your Softboard ready for the Waves!!

So you have your CMP Softboard Package and need some help putting everything together. We can help!

So essentially there are 2 things to put together on your new Soft board.

  1. Attach your surfboard Leash
  2. Put your Set of 3 Fins on the Softboard


Connecting a Legrope to the Softboard

A legrope is so important as when you fall off your surfboard you don’t want to have to swim after your board every time.

Follow our 4 Step Guide

  1. Get the rope at the end of the legrope and feed it through the leash plug
  2. Feed the leggie saver through the two loops of the rope
  3. Velcro the leggie saver up
  4. Put the legrope strap around your ankle and velcro it up. Now you are ready to hit the waves!

Check out our short video below for visual reassurance you are doing it right.

Putting Fins on a Softboard

Super simple to install and very easy with a 10 or 20 cent piece.

  1. Place the Fins into the holes on the bottom of the board. The Centre Fin is slightly bigger so goes in the centre holes.
  2. Get the Plastic Screw and either a 10 or 20 cent coin. By holding the fin on one side into place, use your other hand to tighten the screws.
  3. Be sure not to over tighten as you will strip the thread. But tighten until they compress onto the deck of the board.
  4. Just make sure your fins are flat onto the bottom of the board.
  5. You are ready to go!

Softboard fins

We have put together a short video by Chad which demonstrates how to correctly attach the surfboard leg rope and also how to put the Softboard Fins onto the Board.

So that should help you set up your new softboard. So now it’s time to hit the water and catch some waves!!

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