Beginner Surfboard 8ftBeginner Surfboard 8ft

Beginner Surfboard 8ft


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Foam Surfboard used as a Beginner Surfboard to learn the skills of surfing.

Surf School Commercial Quality CMP Soft Top Surfboards.

The best value commercial quality softboard on the market. Yes this price is right- we sell at wholesale prices direct to you. These are commercial boards built with quality components and sold to surf schools around Australia. In fact we offer you the same price as our surf schools. Please check out all the reasons these are a quality board in the specifications.

Beginner Surfboard Inclusions:

  • 1 x 8ft CMP Softboard in Pink
  • 1 x Set of 3 Soft Bumper Fins (Tri Fin System)

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Beginner Surfboard 8ft – Sold to Surf Schools around Australia for 10 years.

We have created the best shaped softboard for surf schools and beginners who want to get the most out of a wave. These are a foam surfboard and have a great balance of shape, rocker and buoyancy for beginner surfers to gain confidence on a wave.

The 8ft softboard is the longest size of our CMP range and is all about helping develop skills and makes it easy to stand up on with the added volume. A great rocker profile is one of the major features of this board. The nose is steep enough to maintain your speed in the water, while its length makes maneuvering easier. Similar to an experienced surfer’s board, the edges (rails) give the board maximum floatation.

The board may seem long at 8 feet, especially for a new surfer, but it is actually ideal to learn the sport of surfing. A foam core gives it greater buoyancy, helps you to get to the top of a wave, and is easier to paddle.

It has a wider than average square-tail design that adds stability, and its tri-fin system adds to its maneuverability. All these features give the new surfer the opportunity to experience surfing safely and learn quickly.

Specifications and Features

The core and components that make up a softboard are vital to the strength and durability of a board. Although you can’t see the inside of a board you should realise the importance on performance and quality.

EPS Core –There are 2 important elements to a CMP board and why these are sold to surf schools as a high quality commercial board 1) A waterproof 22kg EPS Foam Core Blank makes up the centre of the board. This is light weight and top quality foam. 2) Two timber stringers are reinforced by two layers of 6oz fibre-glass sheeting over the standing area of the board making it ultra-tough and adding flex to the board.

Deck – A 4mm IXPE foam deck surface offers a light weight and soft deck to the board for traction and durability.

High Density Slick – The bottom of the board is a 4mm HDPE (High Density Polyethylene). Being a commercial board it is important to have a thick slick which is strong and durable.

Vacuum Sealed Construction – The process of combining the layers whilst under pressure in a sealed bag is called vacuum sealed. The layers bond together under the pressure. This method provides the highest softboard quality, reinforcing the board strength and offering a waterproof bond. Never ever purchase a heat laminated softboard as these are low quality boards and will more than likely delaminate.

Rolled PE Rails – Our PE Soft Black bumper rails offer a softer shaped rail which are tapered and offer a more forgiving ride. This soft bumper rail is vital to the quality of a softboard and enhances the strength and impact of a board.

Nose Rocker- Our design is built to get the most out of every ride. With a front nose kicker and loads of rocker this offers a longer ride.

Fin System – All our softboards come complete with a soft tri fin system which has a rubber grommet which seals the fin tightly to the board stopping the water entering the board.

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