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Longboard Surfboard with an emphasis on strength and performance. The All-Rounder it is!

This modern longboard surf model is designed to be user-friendly for comfortable riding with an emphasis on smooth turns, stability, and strength. This is a lightweight epoxy longboard intended to be affordable, adaptable to surf across different types of waves, and a fun board to ride.
Versatility as a focus, with loads of stability for new riders to get to their feet quickly, and the ultra-responsive nature of this shape for experienced paddlers to enjoy.

In Stock – Balsa Timber. Bamboo Aqua Sold Out

Longboard Surfboard Sale. Online and In-Store.

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Longboard Surfboard

Longboard Surfboard for Sale

Design Features

  • Performance Shape – A performance longboard surfboard perfect for beginner to advanced riders, designed for a variety of wave conditions as an all-rounder wave rider. With loads of responsiveness and built to be highly durable being manufactured from epoxy which offers a lightweight board which is an important performance factor.
  • All Rounder Board – This board shape offers a pronounced medium rocker which will help handle the larger conditions and for the less experienced will help prevent digging in at the nose. The double concave through to the tail allows you to release quickly off the tail for responsive turns, with the extra tail lift making turns more receptive for those with more experience. This is a sleek speed machine with the 2+1 Fin setup offering speed down the line. This board is for all skill levels and is a solid performer in all conditions from 1 foot to 8 foot. With loads of volume allowing you to catch wave after wave. But it is the reliability of this board for experienced riders to show how versatile this is over all types of waves. A dependable Longboard.
  • Glide Gracefully – With a hi-polish professional finish over the beautiful bamboo gloss allowing a smooth glide as you easily swift through the waves. All boards are constructed using a 3 layer system of 6 once epoxy resin which makes them super durable and a hand polished high gloss finish.

Construction Features

  • Epoxy Longboard – Our epoxy construction technique combines a lightweight EPS foam blank, wooden stringer, with the fibreglass cloth which has two layers on the deck side for ultimate strength, with a 5mm Bamboo Veneer which is finished with the high quality epoxy resin. The result is the most durable board on the market which is super lightweight.
  • Eco Blanks – it is essential to understand the elements that make up the core (centre) of your board. This is the component that you cannot see but is vital as it is the backbone a board. CMP SUP Boards are manufactured using a single pressure EPS mould which leaves no foam waste. Key features include being environmentally friendly, they offer a stronger and lighter foam, 100% accuracy and consistent boards shape.
  • Reinforced Rails – All our Longboards are reinforced with Bamboo on the rails, nose and tail. This offers the board uncompromising strength on key components of the board.

What is included?

  • 9 Foot Performance Longboard Surfboard
  • Available in 2 Colours- Balsa Wood (Available) or Bamboo Aqua (Sold Out)
  • Tri Fin System – Includes 9′ Centre Fin and 5″ FCS Side Fins

Recommended Accessories

Additional Information

  • Bricks and Mortar Stand up Paddle Board Store. Buy from a reputable Store with a proven history. 10 Years as same owner operator.
  • CMP Boards Australia is based on the NSW Central Coast. With a focus on quality Paddle boards and Surfboards for sale, they have been designing and producing Boards since 2010 and distribute this range from the CMP warehouse at Berkeley Vale.
  • If you prefer a more traditional longboard surfboard for sale with more volume, you may like our Ten Toes traditional log longboard.
  • Are you still deciding on what style of board is right for you, our blog on Choosing s Surfboard might help.
  • We love helping people understand some fundamentals and if you are a beginner wanting some tips on using your longboard this could help.

Longboard Surf Specifications

Skill Level
9 Foot Longboard
22 1/2
2 3/5
64 Ltr
2 + 1 System
Beginner to Advanced

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