Kayak Paddle



Kayak Paddle

This two piece aluminium kayak paddle is suited for the beginner recreational paddler for short trips, whether with family or fishing. Our kayak paddle is a two piece construction so can be joined to paddle straight or offset, the blade is plastic injection moulded with a aluminium shaft which is very user friendly.

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Kayak Paddle – 2 Piece

These are not the fastest paddle on the market or the lightest, but suited to our recreational kayak range due to the durability and affordable price. A two piece paddle is ideal as you can join it to paddle either straight or offset so it adapts to the paddlers needs.

With feathered blades it is a paddle designed to even out the water on each side when you have it in the water.

Specifications and Features

  • This double ended two piece paddle is made from strong Aluminium Tubing.
  • Paddle Length: 220 cm
  • Shaft Dimension: 25 mm
  • Blade Sizes : 435 x 175 cm
  • Light weight strong aluminium shaft and durable polyethylene plastic blade
  • Adjustable to be straight or offset
  • Suited to a beginner or intermediate paddler

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