Camo Leisure Winner Kayak with Rudder

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Product Description

This is our best selling fishing kayak, built for the keen all day fisherman for speed and comfort.

Words can not describe how this kayak performs in the water, but we are happy to confirm that this is the kayak that gets most reviews from customers about how well it performs. The beauty of this kayak is that for a sit on top design it is super fast, it paddles nearly as fast as a sea kayak which is rare for this type of kayak. It is a fast paddler due to the sleek design and the length makes it glide through the water.

Features includes the trawling rod holders, the rotating fishing rod holder in the mid section, the built in foot controlled rudder system that allows steering which is vital for serious fishing to follow the prey. This rudder system is controlled by your feet and this vital in any fishing kayak that you will be taking out for longer periods. You can steer the kayak in windy conditions and also strong currants, which is very hard in a kayak that does not have a rudder.

Why not go spear fishing in the occean on this leisure kayak! A lot of customers buy this beauty just for that.  Because it has a low profile it becomes very stable which makes it easy to board your kayak from the water. 

We could talk to you for hours about this one but welcome you to call us with specific questions.


1 x Leisure Fishing Kayak                         RRP $1250

1 x Light sports two piece paddle            RRP $120

1 x Deluxe padded kayak seat                  RRP $110

2 x Free flush mounted rod holder           RRP $50

1 x 360 degree Swivel Rod Holder            RRP $100



  • STABLE: So stable due to the width and height and the kayak being so streamlined
  • RUDDER: Foot controlled rudder system which is very important on a fishing kayak to be able to steer especially in windy conditions or strong currants
  • SPEEDY:  The sleek design and length gives it power to slice through the water
  • WEIGHT: This Kayak holds paddlers up to 150kg safely. Then it becomes less stable the more you pack onto the kayak, and not as easy to paddle
  • COMFORT: You will be able to sit and wait for that bite in this kayak and feel comfortable with the ample space
  • PRODUCTION: Moulded from UV stablisied LDPE Polyethylene plastic. Plastic kayaks are very robust in nature
  • STORAGE: Make sure you get a twist lock hatch as the clips can break on flip lid styles. This model comes with 2 twist lock waterproof storage hatches


  • Full Rudder System A high grade rudder system that is foot controlled
  • Light Sports Paddle – 2 Piece aluminium paddle with drip handle, they can be adjusted to be straight or offset
  • Deluxe Padded Kayak Seat as pictured – This is so important for lower back support, they have a high back and loads of padding.
  • Rod Holders – 1 x 360′ External adjustable rod holder and 2 free flush mounted fishing rod holders
  • Waterproof hatches – 1 Large vulcanised rubber storage hatch at the fron and a waterproof hatch in front of you with a twist lock hatch cover
  • Carry Handles – Front, rear and side carry handles
  • Multiple drain plugs included – 8 drainage holes included with scupper plugs so you can easily drain if you get water in your kayak
  • Drink Holder – Inbuilt drink bottle holder
  • BRICKS AND MORTAR KAYAK STORE – Buy from a reputable Kayak Store with a proven history. COME AND VIEW OUR RANGE IN STORE!!







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Introducing theWinner Leisure fishing Kayak with rudder  

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Warranty Information

12 Month Warranty

Other Details

Kayak Weight:
Maximum Capacity:
370cm Length x 76cm Width x 29cm Height
Colours Available:
Beige, Dark Green, Green Camo
Standard Inclusions:
Paddle, 3 Fishing Rod Holders, Rudder and Deluxe Seat
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