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Kayak Cradle Rooftop Rack

A kayak carrier is designed to are designed to hold your kayak securely to your roof racks to that they don’t move whilst in transportation. As a kayak roof rack mount system these also help to load the kayak as you can slide them through the kayak cradles from he rear of the vehicle.
The cradle roof rack pack comes complete with 4 rubber pads designed to cushion the kayak and the kit also comes with the universal mounting kit. This kit is designed to be universal to fit both square and oval roof rack crossbars. The majority of customers will use the T=Bolt fittings that slide through the center channel of your roof rack. But the U-Bolt is also supplied for those with small square crossbars.
Designed to fit multiple hull shapes and manufactured of powder coated steel, these are built to be UV resistant. The perfect way to mount a kayak on the car.

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Kayak Cradle Rooftop Rack – Car Kayak Carrier

Specifications and Features

  • Kayak Carrier designed as a kayak roof rack mount for your car
  • Universal kit supplied to adapt to fit your racks – U-Bolt or T-Bolt System
  • Designed to fit straight onto square crossbar racks such as Thule, Prorack, Rhino and Ralo Brand
  • Supplied with T Bolt fittings to fit the oval shaped design crossbars with the centre groove (as per the images)
  • The U clamp fittings are included for the square crossbar racks
  • Durable large thick rubber pads add protection for your craft
  • Ultra lightweight and constructed using quality components
  • Instructions included

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